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July/August 2016

Islamic State has its branch in Kosovo
Titanium Faces and Implants
Baranja Bean Soup
Ethno Village Ljubacka Dolina
Why is “New Ukraine“ not federalized?
Are the USA and EU protecting the Islamic State?
Turkey on the Way to exit NATO
Europe is threatened by a new risk of new waves of starving refugees
Healthy Sleep from Bernarda
How do you assess the work of the government and the opposition in domestic and foreign policy so far?
Will judges be stopped by Minister Žitňanská´s working group?
Štefan Harabin reacts to Juraj Sopoliga´s arguments on issues of freedom of expression of a judge, judicial ethics and jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court on the doctrine of necessity.

Islamic State has its branch in Kosovo

All the indications are that the fundamental objective of US foreign policy, which in recent years has been formed and controlled largely by neoconservative family clans and lobbying circles linked to the CIA, the Pentagon and a network of selected private NGOs, do not support peace and peace in the world, but exactly the opposite goals - chaos, disruption, violence, war and death. If it was not true, the result of US political and military involvement in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe would not destroy and split states, millions of deaths, refugee waves, the growth of poverty and misery, but the economic and cultural development.
Just take a look at Iraq, for example, that after the American military intervention has ceased to function as a sovereign state and is divided into three parts. Or Afghanistan, where an American implant also divided the country, moving it further into the Middle Ages and buried the words such as peace and quiet into the concrete in the category of science fiction. In Ukraine, the Americans made an unconstitutional coup again and supported the rampage nationalists with fascist and Nazi methods to combat class enemies and non- Ukrainian population. In Syria and Iraq, they have created a new horror - the so-called Islamic Caliphate, a Sunni terrorist branch of al-Qaeda, which replaced the failed attacks of „ the opposition rebels "in the civil war against Assad. Why? Because President Assad opposed the destruction of the state and its division into three parts within the US project called Arab Spring, which totally ruined for example Libya. But the worst for the reputation of the foreign policy of the White House and Barack Obama, who took an oath on the Bible, is that neither the Pentagon nor the CIA have so far taken stronger action to stop killing Christians and their exodus from Iraq and Syria. On the contrary, when Russia a year ago, in September began bombing the positions of the well-armed jihadist Islamic State in Syria, the White House has criticized Putin and accused Russia of making the situation even more “complicated”. "Complicated for whom?” For Christians or Americans who are afraid of revealing the real truth and Russian intelligence information that leaked almost online? This also proves that American foreign policy is inherently a long-term anti-Christian and is in the hands of aggressive ideologies that have different goals. Their ruling is more than scandalous and damaging the overall image of the United States. The White House, in fact, tolerates systematic and widespread violence, violations of international laws, human rights and international humanitarian law against Christians. If the Islamic State passively tolerates war crimes and crimes against humanity, and wants to convince the world public that it does not support and finance Islamic terrorism and mercenaries Islamic states? I think the answer is more than obvious. And in this case, the reputation of the White House propaganda did not put enough air attacks on positions of the Islamic State in Iraq, which take place without the consent of the UN Security Council and the Iraqi government. Also important fact is that the Americans refused Russia's outstretched hand and offer to build a broad coalition in the common fight against terrorism and Islamic State.
Let's move for a while in Europe, more precisely in the Balkans, and see how things are going further  in terms of “Peace Project "made by the USA in so-called the Republic of Kosovo. For over 17 years, the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija has been under  “temporary " international civil and military administration of the United Nations - UNMIK and KFOR (NATO). This is the result of illegal aircraft bombing of the former Yugoslavia, NATO under the US leadership, but without the mandate of the UN Security Council. According to the UNSC Resolution no. 1244 of 10 June 1999, which legalized UNMIK and KFOR, Kosovo and Metohija are the part of Serbia. The UN Security Council so far has not withdrawn or superseded it by another resolution as legally binding and it must be respected by the UN member states. In terms of international law, they must also respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia. Nevertheless, Americans, Belgians, French, Italians, Germans and Britons support separatism and radical Kosovo Albanian provisional institutions of self proceedings Kosovo and Metohija that without the consent of Serbia, unilaterally declared the independence of the Republic of Kosovo from Serbia in February 2008. Serbia is in violation of international law draws territory and against its will, they created the state having given it the name of the Republic of Kosovo, which must be under the international protectorate of the UN and the EU and NATO security control.
Let's skip a few years and let aside disregard and violation of the international law. It is enough if we summarize the basic results of the legal framework and the quality of the security situation in the Republic of Kosovo in terms of protection and respect for human and civil rights. Over the 16 years, the US, the UN and the EU have invested billions of Euros in the provisional institutions and bodies of self-government of Kosovo. But according to all measurable parameters and indices, this government failed. Unemployment reached a level of 60% and the highest levels of corruption across Europe. 247,000 have been expelled due to the ethnic cleansings. In Priština, where in 1999 nearly 50,000 Serbs used to live, there are hardly a hundred of them these days. In Priština, Orešovec or in Peći you will hardly find a Serb. The return of displaced Serbs failed as they are afraid to return. Rather, they have nowhere to return because their original homes, houses, gardens and fields were destroyed or illegally occupied by Kosovo Albanians. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe recorded more than 40,000 unsolved cases of illegal seizures of property and the occupation of the Kosovo Serbs´ properties. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to Kosovo, so far, only 1.8% of displaced Serbs have returned, which is the worst result in the context of any post-conflict zones in the world. The unlawful conduct of the temporary Kosovo institutions (government, parliament) goes on and the Republic of Kosovo is getting the state property of Serbia and its mineral resources and mines and enterprises in Kosovo and Metohija. Of course, with the consent of Washington and Brussels, and they continue the policy of forcible removal of the territory of Serbia and have forced the legalization of the Republic of Kosovo. If they have not yet invested millions in  “ the rule of law "how is it possible that there no Albania has been convicted for killings and expulsions of Serbs from their centuries-old homes? How is it possible that under “the rule of law” radical and extremist Kosovo Albanians have destroyed or devastated 134 temples and monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church? How is it possible that under the protection of NATO in the Republic of Kosovo radical Islamic extremism “multiplied” ? And American experts warn that in the “Republic” from 10 to 15% of Kosovo Albanians have been hit by Islam doctination and show an upward trend. And the cherry on the top is - how is it possible that in Kačanik in southern Kosovo, near the border with Macedonia is inhabited by Lavdrim Muhadžeri, one of the main leaders of Islamic states ?! And that's not all, trade in human organs, people, or drug-supplement fighters of the Islamic State of the Republic of Kosovo. Priština authorities have officially admitted that there are around 500 Kosovo Albanians, however, the Serbian institutions talk about a few thousand. Serbia sees the existence of the Kosovo branch of the Islamic state as a major obstacle to long-term peace and stability in the Balkans. Remember the beginning of 2015, when the organization of smugglers of people started the so-called Balkan Route Transit of refugees and migrants from Syria and Iraq to Serbia from Macedonia and Hungary? Viktor Orbán even then appealed and warned that the Schengen Hungarian-Serbian border  was being illegally crossed by the mainly Kosovo Albanians with Serbian and with the “Republic of Kosovo” passports as they had complained about the poor social and economic conditions in the Republic of Kosovo ...
These results can no longer conceal or obscure American ”mainstream "media. The golden 1990s of intrepid American propaganda, based on the self-styled US law to play the role of world policeman and disseminator of democracy, are now thankfully over. America and American foreign policy loses its confidence and trust from millions of people compared to the state 20 years ago. A global image and credibility of the United States in the world are also significantly worse than twenty or ten years ago. Unfortunately, Russians, the Chinese or Europeans are not responsible for that, but only Americans and their flawed foreign policy. And that, as confirmed in recent years, is hit by the virus of so aggressive neo-conservative New World Order. This virus eats away and destroys the whole American society, sucks the national budget, produces economic and financial crisis, new wars and conflicts. From the point of view of the media, they spread the lie as truth and the real truth is presented as a dangerous conspiracy theory, which threatens "democracy, human and civil rights. And all, who want to uncover or reveal the truth, must be first isolated and then eliminated economically or financially, be blocked by sanctions and eventually liquidated physically and militarily.
Robert Matejovič, Editor- in- Chief, M.A.

Titanium Faces
and Implants
Theyare uniquein the worldof the Slovak science and reconstructive surgery, which is being developed in Košice in the framework of biomedical engineering,"says Professor Andrej Jenča, the Head of the Department of Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital of L. Pasteur and the Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University.

Baranja Bean Soup

Ethno Village Ljubacka Dolina

It is a pioneer of live ethno and rural tourism in the Republika Srpska.

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Why is “New Ukraine“ not federalized?

The secret documents about who controls the American foreign policy in Ukraine and anti-Russian propaganda in Europe leaked to the public.

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Are the USA and EU protecting the Islamic State?

It all indicates that the US and European fight against terrorism in Syria is a media bubble.

Turkey on the Way to exit NATO

Ankara claims that the military troops of  NATO´s Rapid Deployable Corps in Turkey were involved in the attempted coup.

“Packet of Gunpowder“

Europe is threatened by a new risk of new waves of starving refugees.

Healthy Sleep from Bernarda

Croatian specialist for production of anti-bacterial and anatomic matrasses pursues the culture of a good sleep for healthy life. Anti- pressure ulcers matrasses AirMed and Vital will not only heal the wounds but they will also dry them.

Opinion Poll
How do you assess the work of the government and the opposition in domestic and foreign policy so far?

Will judges be stopped by Minister Žitňanská´s working group?
I took the initiative to start the legislative process of the legal regulation of the constitutional competences of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic,“says Juraj Sopoliga, the President of the Association of Judges of Slovakia.

A New Conflict among Judges (Part II)
Štefan Harabin reacts to Juraj Sopoliga´s arguments on issues of freedom of expression of a judge, judicial ethics and jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court on the doctrine of necessity.

Revealed Doctrine about a Man

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Patrons of Science, Technology and Crafts (Part 5)

St. Dominic de Guzman and astronomy.

Mysterious Gold Train

The Nazi Treasure is being searched in the vicinity of Walbrzych in Poland

The World of Show Business
Short Career of the Great Legend
When I die, I want people to play my music and turn it really on, "says Jimi Hendrix.

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