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Dimenzie No.5/2022Ursula is leading the EU to destruction
A Strong Leader for the Košice Region
Mostar from the Bridge
The Old Town of Ljubuški
Russia will always be Russia
When will Liz fall?
Digital currency is coming
"Escape from the Energy Trap"
What prevents the EU (Slovakia) and the USA from initiating peace negotiations betwee...Read more
Dimenzie No.4/2022When will Schwab's people merge with machines?
Region of the Future in Europe
A Tourist Story about Međzimurje
Ali Pasha´s Springs
Eco Pasture Settlement Vranjak
The First Healthness in Europe
Productions - methods of Western politics
Did Mr. Meciar "commit" subversion?
What do you think about the current US f...Read more
December 2009Crisis in the Slovak right still continues
Mr Orbán is used to threaten others
Who is Ing. Béla Bugár?
Let’s tell the truth
Slovakia has to increase food production
Who set up the value of the Slovak coefficient?
Did you manage to stabilize the situation in the milk market?
How many farmers cam manage it in Slovakia, though?
Read more
November 2009Our Sweet and Post - Lisbon European Union
He does not want the decline and stagnation to appear again
What else motivates you in the regional politics?
Do you require bigger competences for the regions?
In which things hold your region a leading position?
I expected the Košice region to be a leader in the social area…
Slovakia suffe...Read more
October 2009Lisbon´s (Brussels) Trauma
Slovak Hungarians lack a more conscious politicia
Wasn´t the amendment of the language law being elaborated too quickly?
Why was it necessary to amend the law on the state language? Because of Slovaks or minorities?
Does the law suppress the use of minority languages?
Will Slovak citizen or foreigner fined if he...Read more
September 2009Havel’s Invitation Letter to the Tutor
The President of Pan - Slavic Union
Successful Slovakia in the safe world
Let’s have a look at Balkan. Is it a crucial area of Slovak diplomacy?
Is it correct to divide Balkan into the west part and the rest?
How does Slovakia help this country?
Do you consider Albania as more stable and democ...Read more
July - August 2009Is the Slovak Social State afraid of the renewal of domestic production?
Croatia waiting for raising Slovenian blockade
Which Member States of the EU support Croatia in this conflict?
What can Croatia offer the European Union? I mean apart from the sea?
Czorsztyn Castle
Cassette Bombs
Disinfectant and a so-called Insurance
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May 2009Appeals to Slovak Politics in the election for the European Parliament
Our duty is to keep our national attitudes
You have decided to stand as an MP again, why?
Who is MUDr. Irena Belohorská
Work Experience:
Baranja being discovered mainly by tourists
Work and do not cry
Renewal of the village and its original life
Family S...Read more
April 2009A new president wanted for the years 2014 - 2019
Educated nurse is a doctor’s partner
Mrs Professor, what does giving the birth mean to you?
What does your graduate have to know?
Are students interested in studying at your school?
Would you accept more applicant if you could?
So, what are you worried about?
What do you think the...Read more
March 2009When will Kosovo and Metohija be in peace?
Štrbské Pleso will be the „living room“ of our municipality
When are you going to start carrying out this project?
Who is Michal Sýroka
From the History of Štrba
Battle of Čegar
Skins to Sultan
83 years later, the tower was hidden by the chapel
Appeal to Citizens and Slovak Regions...Read more
February 2009Think! There is no point getting into a panic about the economic crisis!
They want to protect national and universal cultural heritage
What is the volume of investments required to achieve the goals you have set?
What opportunities are you researchers given?
How do you interconnect the university with practice, production and trading companies...Read more
January 2009„In God we trust“
Vojvodina is not Kosovo
Do you suggest increasing subsidies?
What are the worries of the minorities in Serbia?
Does Vojvodina use the European financial help?
Which area did the EU invest money in?
Which regions does Vojvodina cooperate with?
Uzhhorod Cultural Heritage
Contracts and Future Aqua Park
...Read more
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