Dimenzie No.5/2022Ursula is leading the EU to destruction
A Strong Leader for the Košice Region
Mostar from the Bridge
The Old Town of Ljubuški
Russia will always be Russia
When will Liz fall?
Digital currency is coming
"Escape from the Energy Trap"
What prevents the EU (Slovakia) and the USA from initiating peace negotiations betwee...Read more
Dimenzie No.4/2022When will Schwab's people merge with machines?
Region of the Future in Europe
A Tourist Story about Međzimurje
Ali Pasha´s Springs
Eco Pasture Settlement Vranjak
The First Healthness in Europe
Productions - methods of Western politics
Did Mr. Meciar "commit" subversion?
What do you think about the current US f...Read more
November/December 2012Will Fico be a patriot and nationalize U.S.Steel and SPP?
Visit the Planet of Košice
The Museum of Orava Village
The Testament of Saint King Luis IX
Will SPP be acquired by Slovakia or the Czech Republic?
Why was Obama so sad?
How to improve judiciary financing?
Devolution for Scotland and the British Crown
Having boxed for...Read more
October 2012When will Slovak constitutional officials for 700 EUROS?
Challenge for the Legendary Metropolis
Merry Cemetery
Who is against national parliaments?
Now Britain’s euroscepticism is developing real teeth
Demolishing five myths about Europe’s decline
Judge versus politicians (Part III)
Armenian inspirations for Slovak Justice
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September 2012Slovakia should eliminate its dependence on Germany
Czech Beseda and Slovak Matica are not enough
A Modern World Crusade
Judge versus politicians (Part II)
Innovative Medzimurje
Federalization is supposed to save the Union
Eurasian Union
Mobbing like a weapon
Degeneration of Human Race continues
The Slovak National U...Read more
July/August 2012Who will stop and cure punk and Pussy riot, too?
A New Central-European Cultural Corridor
The Krapina Neanderthal Museum
The Death of the West
Who are Bunjevci?
A specialist on fruit wines with healing effects
A judge versus politicians
The end of the EU paradise
Europe needs another Maccabees
Who is a priest and...Read more
June 2012Slovakia should worry about itself first
Welcome to the missionary revival
Romantic settlement Vuglec Breg
The renewed spa Smerdžonka
Could the euro destroy the EU?
The time will never be right for David Cameron to hold a referendum on the EU
Russia is „not protecting“ the regime in Damascus
Is the sangreal in Georgia?
The...Read more
May 2012Is the EU perdition or salvation?
A new metropolitan of creative industry
Symbols of Croatian Zagorje
The truth about the workload of judges
Greece awaits a new life
ESM will lead Slovakia into destruction
NAPS impressed Jordanian Prince
Human rights were transformed into a weapon
Christians and renewal of a nation
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March/April 2012Which truth is hidden behind the hunger strike of Julia Tymoshenko?
They are not „a cadre school of SMK and Most“
The Great Tito is immortal
Why Cameron was right?
America‘s Failed (Bi-Partisan) Russia Policy
Long live Vladimir Putin
Will the state change its relationship towards justice?
Is eastern Slovakia an economic burden f...Read more
February 2012Central European banks of Danube were captured by two strong politicians
Wellness Spa for everybody
Historical the Apponyi library
Diversion of $ 15 trillion
There is not the judiciary problem, but a problem with politicians
A few minutes for self-reflextion
Why should Slovaks be thankful to St. Rastislav?
What do Jews and P...Read more
January 2012Taste and power of the election dices
Europe in a miniature
Who is MUDr. Richard Raši, PhD, MPH
Visual code of Slovak Vojvodina
Hospital as a palace for the infirm
They had to be tough (Part III)
Hybrids of Americanization of the Criminal Law
Why isn’t there a strong right- winged political party in Slovakia?
Who will repla...Read more