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Slovakia should eliminate its dependence on Germany
Czech Beseda and Slovak Matica are not enough
A Modern World Crusade
Judge versus politicians (Part II)
Innovative Medzimurje
Federalization is supposed to save the Union
Eurasian Union
Mobbing like a weapon
Degeneration of Human Race continues
The Slovak National Uprising as seen by German soldiers
Always a boy
Carefree childhood
Bronze as precious as gold

Slovakia should eliminate its dependence on Germany
Robert Fico would like Slovakia to join the strongest European eleven which has been limited among the Eurozone and the European Union in terms of a future superstate. The latest academic debates and speculations claim that in two years, this eleven or twelve should be the foundation of a new federal state with a new Euro. If it is so and the Slovak prime minister will give it a go, Slovakia can become the first state in Central Europe from the former East Block which has a chance to “integrate deliberately“ into a new politically, financially and economically stabile Union being lead by punctual Germans and supervised by the French. This is the current Robert Fico´s goal in the field of the foreign affairs. He is alarming and saying that Slovakia has no more chance but integrate tightly if we want to survive and be successful.
However, a new question arises. Will the new eleven, which has been ideologically tested by its creator Guid Westerwelle- a German minister of foreign affairs, count on Slovakia? Not so far. The final report of recommendations of the eleven ministers of foreign affairs misses the name of the Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs. Nevertheless, Mr Westerwelle did not invite Miroslav Lajčák, but Radoslaw Sikorski, a Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the meeting of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe. Even though Poland is not the member of the Eurozone (It wants to become a part of it after the debt crisis has been over.), it was the only Central European country from the East Block that had got involved at least to the diplomatic disputes concerning saving the euro and about a new super state and thus assist Austrian, German, Belgian, Danish, French, Italian, Luxembourg, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish ideas.
Compared to Slovakia, Poland has obviously more power and influence and specialists´ background in terms of European issues. Surely, it can specify its ideas more clearly and defend its national interests much better than Slovakia which is known for its weak political resistance, loyalty and obedience - “Slovakia does any homework given by Brussels…” It does even make an impression that Slovakia does not have to think and search for any more alternatives, that it is enough to adjust and accept what stronger and strongest pursue.
For example, let me mention the level of Slovak public and political disputes concerning the Slovak integration in the Eurozone, about a European bailout fund or the Lisbon Treaty which began the process of continual centralization of the European Union at the end of the year 2009. Not sooner will we find out again that the European issues have always been less important then home ones. Or they were just a part of the “rhetorical exercises and well-prepared phrases.” In the last electoral campaign before the parliamentary election was held, not were there issues concerning the future of Slovakia in the EU and development in the Eurozone resounding but the case of Gorilla which covered whatever possible was. For example, the questions of new economic and agricultural conception for Slovakia or a dispute about what is better for the Slovaks if the Eurozone and European Union split into two parts. The issues like what will be next and how to solve it as it happened in March 1939 when besieged Slovakia had to make a decision quickly and become and ally of the German Empire. Or in 1945, when Slovakia lost its independence and got under the influence of the Soviet Union. Or before the year 2004, when Slovakia had no other and better strategic goal than become a member of NATO and the European Union. It seems as Slovakia has never had a choice and has always had to decide for either better or the only option.
Robert Fico thinks that it will be better for Slovakia to join the most powerful ones within the European Union. However, does he have a mandate from the Slovak citizens? Did he ever speak to them about it in the electoral campaign? He just spoke about the necessity to save Euro and defended the European bailout fund due to which he has to consolidate, increase taxes for rich people, increase and implement new fees because Slovakia does not have sources and is dependent on other loans for the public sector. However, the Slovak opposition remains silent, waits and pretends as if it had nothing to say. And it only proves that the present Slovak policy in the European context is very weak and negligible.
Robert Fico strategically turns to Germany and France as Vladimir Mečiar used to. More or less he has to as the devastated Slovak economy is significantly dependent on the export to Germany (85%) and mainly on German and French investors within the automotive industry. No Slovak government has ever managed to move forward small and medium entrepreneurship, nor have they managed to revive the domestic production, Slovak primary production and agriculture. In my opinion this is the way by which it is possible to reduce a gap in the national budget and unemployment rate.
Neither Slovak-and- German nor Slovak –and- French negotiations proved who has priority in so-called defence of national and state interests in the Slovak government. Straightforwardness of Fico´s government to German and French investors is as fatal so that new questions have arisen quickly: Does Slovakia still have a government defending Slovak producers and entrepreneurs and solves their problems? Who is this government lobbying for? Or do we only have a government that administrates economic colony of international companies and powerful investors and collects taxes in order to donate and subside workforce for the strongest…
From the point of the social, financial and economic chaos which tosses the contemporary Eurozone and the European Union, we might say that Europe as well as Slovakia really needs radical changes, peace and better times. And a new and more prospective vision. Barosso´s academic project for federalization of diversified 27 member states has the only and very serious mistake- the Eurozone which is not yet connected to the common fiscal and bank union. Euro is the common currency just for 17 member states in the “ sick “ Eurozone, some of them might leave it and establish a new currency on a clean table and other might go bankrupt in it. And this may happen as well. The European bailout fund might be a preparation and testing phase of a bigger project which Germany dreams about. In any case, however, recovering takes a long time, it is exhausting and people feel sick and tired. Significant increase in poverty and unemployment continues.
Obvious present economic and political dependence of Slovakia on Germany reminds of war times and the Slovak state which was, from the economic point of view, a successful satellite of the Third Empire. At the time, it was the way how to survive and save Slovakia from its division between Hungary and Poland. At present, this dependence maintains a kind of employment rate in Slovakia and the national budget is filled from the deductions and tax revenues of employees. One can hardly talk about another added value, or about more significant connection of this dependence to the Slovak research, science and education.
In conclusion, Robert Fico pushes Slovakia in a “new strong Europe” without offering Slovak people another alternative; he does not say anything about the cooperation of Slovakia with for example Latin America, Russia, China or the Eurasian Union. Common sense just says that dependence on one or two is no good and beneficial as it eliminates other alternatives. Slovakia should just abandon its position of a workshop for those more powerful ones. It should back on its feet using other sources not just loans from the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB and the European funds. For instance, Serbia, which has been facing bankruptcy since the new government was appointed, has already discovered power and “beauty” of Chinese, Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakhstani and Japanese financial sources. Viktor Orbán, however, is looking the same direction. He wants to diversify economic cooperation and not just consolidate and restructuralize public expenditures. Let’s not forget that Germany does well if China does and if China places orders in Germany and they then go from Germany to Slovakia. Remaining just in this way of surviving is just a step to the state and national destruction.      
Robert Matejovic, editor- in-chief       
Czech Beseda and Slovak Matica are not enough
“Our young generation must be aware of the fact that the knowledge of Czech and Slovak languages gives new opportunities not only in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in the European Union,“ says Vladimír Bílek, a member of the Croatian Parliament who represents the Czech and Slovak minority there.
Photo report
The highest Greek Catholic wooden church in the world can be found in the Romanian Carpathians, in the village of Surdesti. Its tower is 72 meters high.
We are interested...
A Modern World Crusade
Does Cardinal Jozef Tomko also know the truth about the secret operation, the Holly Alliance and Wałęsa´s Solidarity?
Judge versus politicians (Part II)
The chairman of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic will submit public initiative and evidence against M. Belavý, an MP and some constitutional representatives owning huge properties.
Innovative Medzimurje
The Eco-museum and Mura- Drava cycling routes enrich Croatian and Slovenian border regions and ensure their economic development.
Opinion Poll
Slovakia has been a member of the NATO for 8 years. How and in what ways has security of Slovakia, which has been investing less and less money in its security and in the equipment of the army, improved?
European Union
Federalization is supposed to save the Union
“It would be a Union of Member States and not against the Member States. At the time of present resentment, defence of the nation should not rely on nationalists and populists,“ says José M. Barroso, the current President of the European Commission.
Eurasian Union  
Why are Ukraine and China so important to Russia and its geostrategic stability?
Mobbing like a weapon
It causes its victims serious psychological suffering, damages psychological health and often leaves permanent consequences. Victims are usually those who are diligent and conscientious people.
Degeneration of Human Race continues
In Britain Slovak children are unjustifiably taken away from their Slovak parents to be adopted by British ones. The industry of assisted reproduction belonging to Her Majesty enables to “placing an order and produce a child” even though for non- biological parents, for example for homosexuals or lesbians.
The Slovak National Uprising as seen by German soldiers
„ In 1944, Slovakia appeared as a paradise in Central Europe, “remembered members of the German troop Schrill in the questionnaire having been given.
Always a boy
A director is an author of the situation and an actor is an author of the action. Together, they search how to catch what overleaps, “confesses Juraj Nvota, a director, an actor, a scriptwriter and a pedagogue.
Carefree childhood
Eva Hrková (1986), the youngest and successful naive painter who lives in Kovačic, (Vojvodina, Serbia) remembers beautiful and peaceful days from her childhood in her graphic map.
Bronze as precious as gold
Danka Barteková, a Slovak skeet shooter has also hit a diplomatic target- she is the youngest member of the International Olympic Commission. Performance of Lúčnica is what fascinated her most in London.


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