Dimenzie No.5/2022Ursula is leading the EU to destruction
A Strong Leader for the Košice Region
Mostar from the Bridge
The Old Town of Ljubuški
Russia will always be Russia
When will Liz fall?
Digital currency is coming
"Escape from the Energy Trap"
What prevents the EU (Slovakia) and the USA from initiating peace negotiations betwee...Read more
Dimenzie No.4/2022When will Schwab's people merge with machines?
Region of the Future in Europe
A Tourist Story about Međzimurje
Ali Pasha´s Springs
Eco Pasture Settlement Vranjak
The First Healthness in Europe
Productions - methods of Western politics
Did Mr. Meciar "commit" subversion?
What do you think about the current US f...Read more
December 2013Russian slap to the EU Eastern Partnership
The Church will survive in small communities
Rila Monastery
Brzezinski´s Main Mistake:
Success belongs to partner
From Corruption to Development
“White Horse” in the Judiciary
Culture of Death and the Ideology of Sodomy
Should the Catholic Church be dependent on the state?
Wha...Read more
October/November 2013Slovakia is lagging behind, it has no strategic projects
Plan to rescue the Slovak agriculture
The City Hall of Trieste
The Ten Commandments for Liquidation of the Slovak Economy
The Slovak Republic is in critical condition!
Slovenian Paris
What will be the price the Germans will have to pay if the Eurozone collapses?
Beware of ...Read more
September 2013Does Slovakia not know or cannot apply Cyril and Methodius heritage?
What will be next with Macedonia?
Matka Canyon and Lake
Let´s Fight for Life
“Let’s not talk just about abortions”
Ducký´s Bills of Exchange after 15 years
“The New Times” in the Union
Discord Mounting in the European Union (III)
Western Resistance against...Read more
July-August 2013Putin Preaching at the Irish G - 8 Summit
What will be the new regional policy of the EU like?
The Biggest Alpine Pasture in Slovenia
”San Marino” above the Mirna
The Second Home on Dragon Furrows
Lying Blame for the Crisis
Non-banking Subjects Paralyze Justice
Matica is ??not old-fashioned, but ...
Fact or fiction?
Ho...Read more
May-June 2013Challenges for Slovak Pro- European Triumvirate
Emergency oil stocks are not privatized
Grožnjan rescued by artists
Pope Francis responds to G-8
Fear from the General Prosecutor
The Town of the Sun and Sycamores
Hercegovacka Gracanica
Increasing Disagreements in the European Union (I)
Confiscation of Bank Deposits
The ...Read more
April 2013Poorly Setup Chessmen on a Slovak Chessboard
New Strategic Pipeline
Newly- revived Kotli
Quo Vadis the Constitutional Court?
Slovak Island in Sučuraj
Alternatives for Germany
Suppressing Progressive Left
Shale Gas and Geopolitics
Georgia wants a dialogue with Russia
From Constantinople to Rome
Sitting Daruška
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March 2013Who will put „ West Balkan“to the rights?
A Man of Consensus and Pragmatism
The Smallest Town in the World
Jesus builds the Church
“Saved Cyprus”
The most stupid decisions of the Eurozone
Why are they not biased?
He reached up for the star
Libya after Two Years
What will stop Israel?
De-masked gender feminism
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February 2013The European Union will not save Slovakia
Slovak judiciary needs restarting
Barsana- Orthodox Monastery
Top Thermal Wellness
The Intervention Fund of the EU
Konstanjevici na Krki in Slovenia
It is a national state
Why do judges have immunity?
Global Shadow Banking Industry
Christianity and present world
Metropolis...Read more
January 2013Is the disintegration of the European Union about to happen?
Be and Remain as Russia
Impregnable Pearl of Orava
Lipšic´s Fake or Evidence?
Who does the US money belong to?
Spa for the whole family
They map social care system
Berlin Rediscovers Its Imperialist Drive
Deadly Abortion “Cocktail”
How many Orthodox Jews are ...Read more