Dimenzie No.5/2022Ursula is leading the EU to destruction
A Strong Leader for the Košice Region
Mostar from the Bridge
The Old Town of Ljubuški
Russia will always be Russia
When will Liz fall?
Digital currency is coming
"Escape from the Energy Trap"
What prevents the EU (Slovakia) and the USA from initiating peace negotiations betwee...Read more
Dimenzie No.4/2022When will Schwab's people merge with machines?
Region of the Future in Europe
A Tourist Story about Međzimurje
Ali Pasha´s Springs
Eco Pasture Settlement Vranjak
The First Healthness in Europe
Productions - methods of Western politics
Did Mr. Meciar "commit" subversion?
What do you think about the current US f...Read more
December 2014Will Fico's military be defeated?
An alpine rose under Cimaross
The CIA torture report
The Energy Wars Continue (I)
Challenges for nuclear energy
Lack of thirst for truth
Who are those 'higher' civil servants?
Faith as culture of life
Family is not a stereotype
Do people respect me?
Slavica and the Sla...Read more
October/November 2014Candles for Maidanists
The crisis does not mean the decline of the EU
Wheelchair Walk with Birds
Who will help Ruthenians in Ukraine?
Fízer Castle
Vécsecity Hotel Resort
Rebellion against the EU continues
Europe must discover its face
The Judicial Council is now complete
Unstable partner for Gazprom
Bioethicsat th...Read more
October 2014/Special issue dedicated to the transformation of the city of Kosice the year after the European Capital of Culture 2013Renewed Identity of Kosice
Košice is changing to a European metropolis
Green Heart of the City
Revived Villa Sandy
Laboratory of Living Culture
Hall of Modern Art
Housing Estate Cultural Centres
Komenského East Park
The project is alive and continues
Komenského West Park
Mysterious Košice Castle Complex
Urba...Read more
August/September 2014There is no need to be afraid of Russia
Slovakia awaits 2,000 buildings
Gas Misery and Glory to Ukraine?
Ethno Village Solaris
Europe's strength lies in tourism
Challenges for Cultural Tourism
NSA Cold War
Kiska president faces the first complaint
Woe opposition, Viva totality!
Do Slovaks know what they celebrate o...Read more
June/July 2014What is being fought for in the southeast of Ukraine?
Heretical Anti-Empire of West"
Krušedol Monastery
”Let's work "
Will he be a strong or weak president?
Kiska´s Presidential Advisors
New Thermal Park Šírava
Karpatia Sanatorium in Shaian
Free Fencing Master on a Horse
Chance for Slovak Experts
Russia break...Read more
May 2014Bitter Flavour of Poroshenko´s Chocolate
Serbia wants to be neutral
Propaganda of the European Commission in numbers
Skradinski waterfall and mills
"Small town Solaris "for all
Under the pyramids of Pirin
Voting or a secret trading with politicians?
Trans-Carpathian region facing autonomy from Hungarians and Rusins
Why is J...Read more
April 2014Who will sort out the situation in Ukraine? Russians, Ukrainians and Americans?
Success in the EU begins at home
Fortress at the top of Spas
A secret Ukranian recipe
Enforcing legal literacy
Protesting by voting!
What should be the prominent topics in the election campaign for the European Parliament?
What would you change about...Read more
March 2014Russian Marshall Plan
Investors are attracted mainly to Eastern Slovakia
The politics of „taming“ Russia continues
The mystical place of Rupite
Bow to beat the indifference against politics?
We need reforms of consumer-related matters
Bringing natural gas to Europe
Is the West united against Russia?
Where is Russia heading?...Read more
February 2014When will “Euromaidan" come to Brussels?
Work management based on the animal model to be abolished
Demons of Kiev
The miraculous monastery of St. Naum
Greedy competition for power
Integration within integration
Piran salt
Mafia as the guarantor of Euro-Atlantic integration
Polish intervention in Ukraine?
Integration of...Read more
January 2014Yanukovych parried the opposition and pressure of Baroness Ashton
They do not feel to be outsiders
How does a „world-wide casino“ work?
Wandering through Croatia’s Istria (part 5)
The Euphrasian Basilica
Your Bulgarian Skiing holiday destination
A liquid Deli from Međimurje
An Anti-Russian Lego
Save the Ukraine!
Does ...Read more