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August/September 2014

There is no need to be afraid of Russia
Slovakia awaits 2,000 buildings
Gas Misery and Glory to Ukraine?
Ethno Village Solaris
Europe's strength lies in tourism
Challenges for Cultural Tourism
NSA Cold War
Kiska president faces the first complaint
Woe opposition, Viva totality!
Do Slovaks know what they celebrate on August 29?
The NAPS Institute celebrated its tenth birthday
Lyrical baritone sounds in his throat
Undervaluated National Revivalist
He builds Babel Towers
Brazil had no football conductor

There is no need to be afraid of Russia
It is high time we eventually stood up for Russia. Even in public, not just in debates over coffee, or wine. Not because we are Slavs, Slovaks or Central Europeans, but simply because it is wronged. It is unfairly “being punished” by American, Japanese or European sanctions, which, all in all, will not do so much harm to Russia. On the contrary, they will strengthen it. Now, it already appears that Russian sanctions against the European Union are more effective, wherein the food producers and farmers in the first round figured out the loss of 11-13 billion euros because of losing the Russian market. Symbolic compensations having been offered to manufacturers by the Brussels bureaucracy is rather mockery than fair compensation for the fact that they had to support the decision of politicians.
Unlike Russia, the producers may not be so quickly redirected to other markets and they find out that it will not be easy. It is already a problem with the sale of their production on the European market.
Certainly, we need to break free from black and white media and political image that we are imposed on Russia and against Russia by the European Union leaders, press agencies, European and world media. The current Russia is not our enemy or security threat for the European Union, Slovakia, Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine and the USA. Thus, they want to see only those who do not want to accept Russia as a strong and sovereign state and which hinders the other represents a viable alternative to the arrangement and management of the company. There is no need to be afraid of Russia, while Russia needs to be known and understood better. Russia does not build any military bases in the territory of the European Union or does not consider Russia as a threat. Militant circles in NATO and the USA, for example, want to convince us that Russia, going across Ukraine, will attack Poland or the Baltic states. It is utter nonsense, but very good media program against the Russians.
Russia also is not any second-hand or third hand human and underdeveloped company or “wilderness ", we need to constantly “cultivate", teach and keep under control. On the contrary, in many ways, Russia can give us useful lessons in the European Union. Should Putin and Russia were so bad and unsafe, they would have turned the taps to stop the gas for Europe a long time ago. Russia responded to sanctions and other threats by announcing that took the action in the WTO and that they would freeze debt repayment. And also it announced that it intends to implement future contracts only in national currencies or gold.
Many in the West and in Brussels have wanted to see Orthodox Russia on its knees and broken down and disintegrated into energy kagans or private governorates. However, it did not happen so. Nowadays, they look at Russia which is a proud state that got stronger and even serves as an inspiration for the European states and people suffering from the crisis. Even Russia tests us about the simple sincerity and gives us question: do you only need our glass or do you really want to see Russia too and respect it? What are our answers? Indeed, does the European Union want Russia to be a partner and a friend or even wants to “keep” away from Europe as far as possible?
It's not just the personality of Vladimir Putin, but Russian spiritual aura and the Orthodox Church that constantly attract our attention. In the European Union among citizens, they even evoke the desire for greater economic and cultural sovereignty of states, which, deliberately “surrendered „in favor of the European economic and monetary union. In Central Europe, Hungary is trying to do so. Russia showed a different direction and shows how to live, think and act differently, as it is “prescribed” by the Anglo-Saxon dogmas and models of democracy, globalization and unification of controlled nations. The new Eurasian economic union, in which Russia plays the leading role, it is also the proof. It does not need the Commissioners or the Commission, nor 30,000 officers, the Eurasian parliament based in Astana and with workshops in Moscow or Minsk. Another example also is the new Russian - Chinese strategic pact, which the Americans have been trying to put a stop.
Unlike the political elite of the European Union, its citizens want to live “normally "and to know the truth as it is, even if it is blocked or defined as “a conspiracy theory". And knowing this truth means to leave “the evil empire "and disconnect from the virtual world, which creates a particular political marketing and business. At its core, it is a combination of evil, selfishness, extortion and untruths. I will betray you, you, in turn, someone else who will betray me then. Or I will rob you, you will do it to someone else and He will earn money at my expense. Evil begets evil and untruth another untruth. Such marketing and such policies, i.e. at the expense of the public good, actually destroys everything what we have been given in childhood as natural, pure, moral and humanistic.
The political elites of the European Union are not popular because they do not want to tell the truth. Various agencies teach them only how not to tell the truth or conceal the facts. And people feel it. Perhaps, that is why no European polls on the popularity and credibility of European leaders, Commissioners of the European Commission or the European institutions are conducted. They would bring nothing but disastrous results of the shame. After all, which current European politician or the member of the European Commission is as popular as President Putin? However, why is Mr. Putin “guilty "that he is so popular? Does he lie or tell the truth? Is he resisting the Americans? Does he build Russia, help his country or destroy and disintegrate it?
When recently, in the Canadian Parliament, President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, made his speech, the MPS applauded uproariously when he asked for new weapons and assistance to build the Ukrainian democracy. The president calls for weapons and that is why he received such applaud ... At that moment, when I was watching his speech live on, I started to think about whether Vladimir Putin had ever made the speech of similar kind abroad ? Can you imagine that he would ask countries as France or Germany for the new weapons to strengthen the establishment and development of Russian democracy? Fortunately, Russia does not need it. During Poroshenko´s trip in Canada, in the east of Russia, 150,000 Russian soldiers trained the variety of defensive and offensive formations.
Alas, the European Union´s policy is not as popular as President Putin´s. Angela Merkel has lost her face thanks to the spoilt Ukrainian crisis and the American pressure to halt the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline. Her Deutschland supported the coup and the war in the east of Ukraine. David Cameron is even worse, because he gradually disintegrates the Empire by Her Majesty. French President again becomes a hostage of the agenda of the new generation of homosexual couples, gays and lesbians. The Italians and Italy have lost their views, we almost cannot hear their opinions, they are lucky, however, to have Mr. Berlusconi at the scene.
If lies and virtual reality are the main instruments for political and economic marketing, what are corruption and lobbying then? Their extension or added value? We, the citizens, are daily served the illusory world of traditional European values​​ which, in fact, do not exist, they are only back on the white. They lack, for example, traditional Christian philosophy and basic Ten Commandments. The European Union has lost not only the morals and ethics, but also emotions, heart and soul. It has changed only into the manufacturer of laws, rules and regulations which more - less serve multinational groups, business and financial groups. Nevertheless, the man in the factory has been changed into the “ordinary number in the system "and became its slave. Its value and performance are assessed according to ranking, and not in terms of liberty, fraternity and equality. No wonder Christian principles have already been replaced by faith in man and his abilities. T such extend that we do not love and have children within the typical family and within the natural relationship between a man and a woman. Love is perceive only as chemistry and people as the genetic material ... Are we approaching or departing Nazism?
Even some Slovak political scientists and academics claim that “Russian invasion „to Crimea marks the beginning of a new era and the end of the Helsinki paradigm of inadmissibility of war among the European states. What a sudden emphasis on paradigm and criticism of “Russian utilitarism” in the sphere of its influence. Who, however, in the EU supported millions of ethnic Russians in Ukraine and who in Brussels condemned the coup in Ukraine in February this year? Nobody. Suddenly, we have to understand that neither the European Union was not ready for Ukraine and the changes that took place there. The truth or lies? If this were true, Brussels would not have rushed into the Association Agreement with Ukraine and it would have waited for the new Ukrainian government and the new Ukrainian parliament. However, it did not. And again, it acted stupidly because it ranked it the first place and considered is as a great success of “leaving” European Commission. But it is the success that leads nowhere. Ukraine is waiting for a new federal arrangement and will probably lose Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Neither another lie and pretending have helped .Just before the approval of the Association Agreement in the Ukrainian parliament, Poroshenko and the majority of MPs passed the law on the special status for Donbas. Apparently, it was the condition of the European Union in order to show how it supports the territorial integrity and unity of “new "Ukraine. And then, on September 16, 2014, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the European Parliament quickly ratified the Association Agreement is Ukraine with the EU. Ukrainians have approved it in the morning and in the afternoon, it was approved by the Europeans. Well, it does not matter that the early election will take place in Ukraine on October 26... Meanwhile, President Poroshenko denied that the Donbas gained a special status. Kiev and Brussels have met Russian demand that the economic part of the Association Agreement would take effect from 1 January 2016 when Russia in November 2013 proposed negotiations at the Russia-Ukraine-EU level regarding this contract, whereas Ukraine is not ready for departure from free trade zone with Russia, Brussels or”revolutionary Kiev "disagreed with this proposal. But it took almost a year and Ukraine had to be disintegrated. Did it help Russia or the European Union?
Mgr. Robert Matejovič, Editor in Chief
Slovakia awaits 2,000 buildings
“Unfortunately”, we still manage to survive more due to the money from the European Funds rather than from the national budget. Many politicians miss the deeper perception of flood risks, "says Marian Supek, a CEO of the Slovak Water Management Enterprise .

Gas Misery and Glory to Ukraine?
Although Ukraine is unable or does not want to pay its debt to Gazprom, politically, it pursues the diversification of gas supply and purchase from other countries of the European Union.
No Comment
Will Hlinka´s Memorial make Bratislava more Slovak?
Political efforts of the almost forgotten “Father of the Slovak nation "was the application of natural right of Slovaks in their independent political, cultural, religious, and economic development.

Photo report
Ethno Village Solaris
 It represents the unique attraction of Croatian tourist offer near Sibenik.
Europe's strength lies in tourism
Croatia has managed to open a permanent inter-parliamentary dialogue about sustainable development of tourism in the European Union.

Challenges for Cultural Tourism
“We must turn the cultural heritage of our ancestors into a vital function so that it again became the part of our identity, "emphasizes Jasen Mesić, a Croatian national politician and an MP.
We were interested...
NSA Cold War
American National Security Agency and its partners increase their aggressiveness signaling spying operations against Russia and China.

Kiska president faces the first complaint
Did he act free-willingly in terms of withdrawing the member of the Judicial Council? Why did he not state the reasons of his decision? Did he take action incompetently in the independence of the Judicial Council?

Opinion Poll
What do you think about sanctions against Russia and Russia's retaliatory sanctions against the EU and the USA? Are they fair?

Woe opposition, Viva totality!
The police terror and the Ukranian Secret Service (SBU) are in full swing. There are many Russian as well as Ukrainian activists, who oppose the new regime of Kiev, beaten, tortured, mutilated and imprisoned.

Spiritual Word
“ The mission of a man on earth is not just to fill some time, but to show, testify and help others, " thinks Radoslav Lojan, a Roman Catholic priest.

Do Slovaks know what they celebrate on August 29?
Goals of the “Slovak National Uprising " was to restore Czechoslovakia under the influence of the Soviet Union and to return Slovakia under the Bolshevik government in Prague,"M.S. Ďurica, a Slovak historian, says.

The NAPS Institute celebrated its tenth birthday
The traditional ecumenical concert of sacred chants to support interreligious dialogue has moved from East Slovakia to Bratislava.

Lyrical baritone sounds in his throat
“I try so that the audience still accepted me as a concert artist at a decent level," confesses Martin Babjak, a baritone opera singer.

Undervaluated National Revivalist
Gaspar Fejérpataky – Belopotocký, who had experienced a very hard life, was a pioneer of the Slovak amateur theater, publishing and bookselling life in Austria-Hungary.

He builds Babel Towers
I like to make injured corpuses stand in my pictures, I am also interested in human shadows and  their connection with light. A human figure can be both multiplied and divided, "says Ivan Pavle, an academic painter.

Brazil had no football conductor
“Current football is about efficiency. Our football was much nicer, freer, less overthought and less tactical, "says Carlos Allberto Torres, a legendary Brazilian and world footballer.

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