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Will Fico's military be defeated?
An alpine rose under Cimaross
The CIA torture report
The Energy Wars Continue (I)
Challenges for nuclear energy
Lack of thirst for truth
Who are those 'higher' civil servants?
Faith as culture of life
Family is not a stereotype
Do people respect me?
Slavica and the Slavic world
Pilots' great escape
Opera singing is an adrenaline “sport”
Angels without wings
Hockey dictator or a genius?

Slovaks, what culture of life will you choose?
On 7 February 2015, the 8th nationwide popular vote (referendum) will take place in Slovakia.  Only one of them has so far been in force - in 2003 on the Integration of the Slovak Republic to the European Union, which was attended by 52.15% voters. In this referendum, voters expressed their agreement (92.46%) of the membership of the state in the EU and despite gradual limitation of the state and the loss of sovereignty. The referendum was essential and strategic for the future of the state, the nation and its citizens.
There were three such referenda previously carried out: in 1994 (on a bill concerning proving funds, which were used in auctions and privatization), in 1997 (about Slovakia's accession to NATO, the deployment of military bases and nuclear weapons on its territory and direct the election of the Slovak President) and 1998 (adoption of the Constitutional Act, which would prohibit the privatization of six state strategic energy companies). These referendums were not valid because they were not participated by the majority of eligible voters. Even if many politicians, citizens and activists claimed referenda to be unnecessary and “expensive". If, at that time, the majority of citizens had been more responsible and sensible, we would not have today, “a modernly administrated and managed civil society ", the church or seniors would not have to deal with the many consequences of bad or indifferent decisions, questions, problems and dilemmas. For example, the question of the establishment and operation of Slovak oligarchs, domestic and foreign financial groups in the privatization and sales of state properties, Gorilla scandal, loss of neutrality and bitterness of Slovakia's membership in NATO (the Government and Parliament decide about it in March 2003) and ´s government efforts directed to the gradual nationalization energy companies (SPP and Transpetrol, Slovenské elektrárne now ...).
The cost of these referendums were certainly lower and insignificant compared to the damage and losses the state budget and citizens suffered. And they were certainly   “ridiculous "compared to the overall expenditure on privatization advisers, military missions abroad, investigating corruption cases and increasing shareholders´ influence on the state in the energy business.
Neither nationwide popular vote on children and families, as the upcoming referendum is called, will not be wasted. It is also strategic and vital. It will either confirm or not confirm the cultural sovereignty of the Slovak Republic, respectively sovereignty   of civilization (Cyril- Methodius) heritage of the nation, which is stated in the Constitution of the State. Unfortunately, the real political and economic sovereignty of Slovakia in the European Union has already been lost - because of irresponsible politicians, government and legislature, without which a referendum to decide on the primacy of the Lisbon Treaty and about integration of Slovakia into the “Eurozone. “
 There is future cultural sovereignty of the nation being voted about, which is gradually abandoned by many of the ruling and opposition Slovak politicians, MEPs and top officials. Just to stay ” in" in the course of post-modernism, which is unable to support and ensure the cultural development of man and society. On the contrary, they want to destroy it further and change the sort of myth and legend. They do not protect or do not want to protect it. Although they also mind the eternal Ten Commandments wishing to replace it by flawed human and civil rights. They are ashamed of this cultural sovereignty talk and push it somewhere in a corner, as a kind of “out-of-date and overcome in philosophy. “Some of them even considered it as a social relic in the medieval Catholic or Christian dogma. And yet they have forgotten or want to forget that even their grandparents and parents grew up in a family whose foundation was in most cases natural conjugal union of a man and woman (the church and later civil ones) as a result of natural love, mutual respect and respect between them . When their ancestors became parents and did not have to be defined as “biological parents" or as “parent 1 and parent 2", but of course - just as a father and mother. Then, as now, it was clear that the child cannot naturally beget a man with a man or woman with a woman. And they did not try to solve such issues between each other or even asked such questions. After all, even the infertile couples either divorced or adopted someone ´else´s or illegitimate child ...
Similarly, the role of godparents was respected and honored. They were obliged to take care of your children when something happened in the family, for example, if parents died, or one of the parents. They could “adopt” them and take care of them than on their own. Godparents should not lose their importance and role even if the family was reconstructed by remarriage which added a stepmother or a stepfather of their God children. And if there were no godparents around, there were always the closest relatives nearby. And if there was “no one” to look after children, there were orphanages and monasteries available having been donated and supported by patrons. The traditional Christian culture continues today. Only people and politicians have changed, there are more atheists and non-practicing baptized Christians who face together bioethical problems and the results of science of genetics and medicine.
Traditional Christian culture has not been destroyed by the state family allowances for children, social contributions for each born, dependent, disabled or handicapped child. On the contrary, these contributions help, because it is money of all taxpayers, without distinction as to whether they are valid believers or unbelievers, whether these children are in a standard, or in incomplete families, in the orphanage, social site or re-education center.
During socialism, orphanages and religious institutes were replaced by the state orphanages and detention centers. Today, we have, in Slovakia and the EU, non-state, private and church orphanages, children's homes and social institutions. Even those adoptive and foster parents receive allowances and social contributions. With this tool, they want state and taxpayers to continue to assist in solidarity especially children and those who care for children. Is not that enough? We still need to subsidize the homosexual unstable social groups (minorities), which is in the spirit of “the right choice "voluntarily surrendered its nature and want their parents to “handicap" replace a human right to education adopted or man-children are born? Why should the relationship of people of the “same sexual orientation” have the “same value" as a natural marriage - cohabitation of man and woman as a traditional family as a natural and traditional father and mother? I think that a child's right to have mother and father, to be born and raised in the complete family is more important law and serious problem for the future of human society as the “same sexual orientation of two adults who want to live together in the same household . The role of any government is to create such economic and social conditions in the country, to every family, even the disintegrated and incomplete, so that they could live in dignity and enjoy their offsprings.
Slovak society whose moral, ethics and value system has been built for centuries by the Christian philosophy, which later also came a basis of atheists and Marxists, the makers of declarations of human and civil rights, should have enough strength and courage to a referendum clearly supporting the preservation of the traditional family and traditional marriage as a union of man and woman. Slovak society definitely rejects the theory of gender equality, modern sex education and euthanasia. The results, which presents the current American and Western European society in the area are good warning for Slovakia. Damage cause by these inhumane theory inflicted on the mental and spiritual health of man, are enormous and continues to degenerate human society. Slovaks and Slovak citizens have a unique chance to show in a referendum to Brussels and Robert Fico, what you really think about these topics that are the subject of a forthcoming national strategy for human rights.
Robert Matejovic, editor-in.chief

Referendum questions
1. Do you agree that the marriage could be called no other cohabitation but only a union between one man and one woman?
2. Do you agree that the couples or groups of persons of the same sex were not allowed to adoption (adoption) of children and their subsequent education?
3. Do you agree that the school cannot require the participation of children in the classroom in sexual conduct or euthanasia if their parents or children themselves do not agree with the content of teaching?
Will Fico's military be defeated?
,,The blows that the independent judiciary system received, are not acceptable for me, nor is the collaboration of the handful of judges who are rewarded with lucrative posts by politicians, "says Stefan Harabin, President of the Criminal College of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic.
An alpine rose under Cimaross
A luxury four-star mountain hotel and wellness resort Gradonna is a new hit in East Tyrol. It is situated right next to a ski resort and children ski lift.
No comment
The CIA torture report
Unfortunately, fifty four Governments (a quarter of the world's states, with over twenty in Europe) were involved in a vast criminal enterprise. Demands for an investigation of these crimes were blocked in the European Parliament in 2007 and stonewalled wherever else they emerged.
The Energy Wars Continue (I)
American and Western media want to persuade the public that Russia and Gazprom are those who finance mass demonstrations against American extraction of shale gas through fracking, hydraulic fracturing by using chemicals in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania.
We were interested
Challenges for nuclear energy
,,Having exhausted oil and gas reserves, alternative energy will take the role of the traditional energy supplies. Nuclear power and renewable energy will be the source of electricity, "said Karol Bodorik, Secretary General of the Slovak Nuclear Forum.
Lack of thirst for truth
“Globalisation and indifference born out of selfishness make people unable to accept the truth and live in a real social dimension. Europe, where is your life force?, "asks Pope Francis.
Who is a more credible politician - Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin? What is it that distinguishes them the most?
Who are those 'higher' civil servants?
Their salaries are below the average monthly wage, even after several years of working in the judiciary.
Faith as culture of life
,,A priest is not a magician. He is only an enthusiastic believer with higher theological education in the field, "said Anton Srholec, Roman Catholic priest, author and chairman of the Confederation of Political Prisoners of Slovakia.
Family is not a stereotype
,,Shouldn't state and society put all their effort in supporting traditional family values based on marriage of man and woman? After all, new life can only begin out of the union between a man and a woman. It is not possible otherwise!, "preached Bernard Bober, Archbishop-Metropolitan of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Košice.
Do people respect me?
,,Disrespect is not only an attitude that can be an obstacle for the moral growth of a person, but it can also destroy one's ability to love another person, "says Radoslav Lojan of the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University.
Third Sector
Slavica and the Slavic world
Civic Association Slavica from Nitra promotes Slavic reciprocity, Slavic history and its cultural heritage. One of their key works, L. Stur – 'The Slavs and the world of tomorrow' was published in 2015.
Pilots' great escape
A work of art, the Harry tunnel has been unearthed in the former German prisoner camp Stalag Luft III. It measured 102 meters and was to bring freedom to selected 200 prisoners. Those who fled, were captured, shot and burned by the Germans.
Opera singing is an adrenaline “sport”
,Every time I found myself on the stage of major opera houses of the world, it felt as it was a great celebration, like a Sunday, or Christmas time, full of presents and joy, "confesses the tenor Peter Dvorsky, artist and director of the Slovak Institute in Rome.
Angels without wings
Maria Rudavská has been an established and world renown ceramic artist since the early 90s.
One of the recurring motifs in her work is an angel with a bird's head sitting in a proud posture, or a protector - guard without wings.
Hockey dictator or a genius?
It was Viktor Tikhonov, who the set up of the so called 'four fives'. ,,It not only affects the game and the player' salaries, but also their living and family conditions, "says former goalie Vladislav Tretiak.


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