Dimenzie No.3/2022Messages from Davos
County of Knowledge and Strategic Challenges
Church of St. Cross in Nin
"Croatian Bethlehem"
Georgia 's European Integration
Who robs Ukraine of grain?
Cradles of Spas in Croatia
The Blind Alleys of European Politics
Will the autumn elections be free?
What do you think of Robert Fico...Read more
November/December 2016Domaša has its First Pearl
Ferhadija Mosque
Gomionica Monastery
Full Mobilization of the Slovak Left
Will the intelligence help judges?
Investments in the modernization of Šaľa
From ‘Fake News’ to ‘Fake Intelligence’
Will Donald Trump End The American Unipolar Moment?
Dostoevsky's Prophetic Words
Elvis´s MoviesRead more
September/October 2016So Who Hacked Clinton?
A New Challenge for Slovakia
European Amazon in Slavonia
Blood Spot Height 169
The Biggest “Corruption” Fish
Chinese Model of Democracy
Failure of American Democracy
Polish Leaders in Innovation
World Uniqueness of Biomedical Engineering
How do you assess Russia's military operations in Syr...Read more
July/August 2016Islamic State has its branch in Kosovo
Titanium Faces and Implants
Baranja Bean Soup
Ethno Village Ljubacka Dolina
Why is “New Ukraine“ not federalized?
Are the USA and EU protecting the Islamic State?
Turkey on the Way to exit NATO
Europe is threatened by a new risk of new waves of starving refugees
Healthy Sleep from Bern...Read more
June 2016Have the British stopped the federalization of the EU?
Róbert Matejovič, editor-in-chief
They do not want the autonomy of Slavonia
Baroque Wooden Church of St. Basil the Great
Little Podravina
Revival of Pejačević Mansion
Slavonian Magnet for Investors
Highwayman´s Adrenaline Park
Search for Cure for the EU
The Story o...Read more
April/May 2016Are Russia and Putin to be blamed for everything?
New Challenges for Croatia
Roman Theatre in Plovdiv
Eger Medieval Castle
Forest Park in the Valley of Jankovac
End of the American Empire
Turkish game with Qatar
They have supported the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic
Loyal or Double Judicial Standards?
Renewed ...Read more
February/March 2016Fico has sent Sulík back to the European Parliament
Slovak Earthquake in Vojvodina
Historical Tram Comet
Common Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill
Kezele´s Family Farm
Hollande´s Shame
Poroshenko´s Ukraine collapses
When will Kiska do away with the unconstitutional status?
Activities of the Russian...Read more
January 2016The European Union needs strong Slovakia
Slovakia will (finally) be cleaner
Western Tatras under Kasprowy Wierch
Will “non- existing Complaint Office” help Slovak Expatriates?
Soros´s Games
De-Ukrainization of the Carpathian Ruthenians
Renaissance Daruvar Spa
Results of Russian Operations in ...Read more