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The European Union needs strong Slovakia
Slovakia will (finally) be cleaner
Western Tatras under Kasprowy Wierch
Will “non- existing Complaint Office” help Slovak Expatriates?
Soros´s Games
De-Ukrainization of the Carpathian Ruthenians
Renaissance Daruvar Spa
Results of Russian Operations in

The European Union needs strong Slovakia

Slovakia will need peace and internal stability even after the parliamentary elections that will be held in March 2016. It needs a strong and experienced prime minister and a strong stable government that will be able to face difficult challenges and solve very demanding problems. Not only its neighbors (especially the Visegrad countries) want to see and feel such Slovakia, but the entire European Union, which have been shaking in its existential, financial, economic and safety foundations for a long time. And such the European Union will be chaired by Slovakia since 1 July 2016. If, after the elections in Slovakia, a so-called broad coalition of right-wing and liberal parties whose leaders cannot reach an agreement in almost anything, except that they want “ to rule together” is formed.. It is not enough. If it was the other way round, Slovak left would have to face a strong and understandable right. In that case, the election campaign in Slovakia would be finally dominated by the programs and values battles for voters with rhetoric about the profound concepts of possible solutions to the further development of Slovakia and the European Union. The concepts that offer viable reform policies and decisions that have been appeared to be erroneous, unachievable and unviable. Instead, we see something else. The right-wing liberal camp ongoing battle for which of right-wing and liberal parties is “more right”, honest or dishonest, better, fairer and especially tougher at rhetoric (i.e. more demagogic) against Robert Fico. The players in this “combat” for a voter offer only a rerun of the coalition government of Mikuláš Dzurinda and Iveta Radičová that had eventually been destroyed by corruption, selfishness, vested interests, intrigues, mutual blackmailing and deteriorating social conditions in Slovakia due to various economic, fiscal and social experiments.
Unfortunately, the election campaign of these parties merely confirms that they have learnt nothing from the past and that they are not balanced or strong opponents to Robert Fico and his party SMER - SD. Since Mikuláš Dzurinda left, these parties and the new satellites have not been able to generate among themselves a strong leader or a spokesperson. In other words, a personality that could compete with the dominant position of Mr Fico, the Slovak political scene and its international reputation. The present experience with President Andrej Kiska, a weak and uninteresting person, fully confirms this. Just these parties supported him in the presidential election. And they still continue supporting him as they find him “a competitive product "in their political struggle against the left and Robert Fico.
In any case, voters are responsible for the present state of the Slovak right. Nor Robert Fico, the Americans, the Russians, the European Union or the media. Its leaders and members are the only responsible. Therefore, it is not a surprise when we state that the Slovak right still does not have a leader who could inspire and attract even Central Europe for a longer time. For example, Ján Fígeľ, even though he had been a member of the European Commission, he would never have been such a leader, neither will he have been. If he were, he would not have been evaluated as the weakest commissioner in the first Barroso Commission of the European Union in the history and the KDH would not have had a long-term problem of achieving 8% of the valid votes. Although Richard Sulík scores in the Austrian and German media with his views of the Greek financial crisis, Brussels red tape and a migration crisis, he has only established himself as a politician and chairman of the Internet political party to which it is very difficult to reach agreement. All in all, he acts as a soloist and not a team player. Politically and psychologically unstable Radoslav Procházka, a kind  of “ a new star "of the right, crosslinked protest wide range of career politicians and activists to the party SIEŤ, resembles a trainee in the European Parliament rather than a real politician. He lacks not only decisiveness and clarity, but mainly practical experience.
Experience with the right-wing liberal government of Iveta Radičová, whose government lasted for only a few months, reminds us that Slovakia cannot afford chaos and other right-wing experiment at the expense of all taxpayers. The risk of the right coalition collapse is very high. If the right-wing government is unstable and restless, so will be Slovakia. And the same will be the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Let us just remember what made Radičová´s government fall- it was just the European issue of bailout to Greece (case EFSF). If Slovakia is choked by coalition, values ​​and opinions disputes, intrigue and various experiments, its presidency will be. Such Slovakia and such a government will not bring any benefits to the European Union, but it will be rather heavy burden and brakes, which only needlessly damages the international reputation of Slovakia.
From this perspective, it is, therefore, very important to understand what is better for Slovakia and the European Union, what, as it is said, is better of two evils, for voters. To have again a strong but readable social democratic one-party government or a coalition government of social democracy and its possible, buts yet unknown partner? Or to give a chance to “a replica” of again wide right coalition of several parties? The first option means that we will continue to tolerate and support Robert Fico, the successes and mistakes of his second government or the government of his party. He will get a chance to fix what they broke. If you choose him, we will directly or indirectly support his current international role in pursuing the national and state interests of Slovakia in the European Union. And besides that, for example, in the case of Ukraine and Russia his ambiguous and contradictory and vague so- called common foreign and security policy. But the question of Slovak policy towards Ukraine and Russia are unstable and unclear to the other parliamentary parties in Slovakia. And not only in this issue. For instance, it has not been discussed at all whether and how NATO should be reformed in order to end up its U.S. domination. Or whether Russia really endangers Slovakia and the EU, respectively why is NATO still getting closer to the Russian Federation? Why to continue discussing the issue of further federalization of the European Union, which Robert Fico and his SMER - SD support? Nothing is said about the possibility of improving the EU's relations with Russia, nor about the proposal for the creation of a free trade agreement between the EU and the Eurasian economic union, which would certainly solve not only the issue of anti-Russian and anti-European sanctions, but particularly the issue of economic growth in Slovakia and the EU.
Slovakia will preside the European Union, which is having a great difficulty handling its internal and foreign crisis. For example, it cannot solve the financial crisis in Greece, stabilize the Eurozone, revitalize the economy and business, cannot stop increasing unemployment – millions of people and even young people live in poverty and misery. It is unable to impose peace in the Middle East and North Africa. Worst of all, it is unable to even protect their common external borders and together guarantee the security of its citizens who are threatened by the Muslim refugees and economic migrants. And in this state Slovakia will take over the presidency from Holland, for six months. At the time, when it is confirmed that the leaders of Western Europe failed, got entangled into phrases, incompetence and indecision. Suddenly, they do not know what to do. Scenarios they receive from clusters and lobbying from various think - tank experts are not applicable, and are virtually unusable. It turns out that the European Union needs new leaders and politicians who know how to tell the truth, will not step aside and offer solutions. In Central Europe, except for Viktor Orbán, Miloš Zeman and retired Vaclav Klaus, there is the only politician able to do so- Róbert Fico.
Robert Matejovic, editor-in-chief
Slovakia will (finally) be cleaner

“If we want to increase waste recycling, we must first substantially increase the level of separated waste collection, especially paper and cardboards, glass, plastics and metals,” says Vojtech Ferencz, a State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.

Western Tatras under Kasprowy Wierch

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Will “non- existing Complaint Office” help Slovak Expatriates?

“When we drew attention to the various “uncertainties” in relation to the allocation of subsidies (non-transparency, cronyism, tunnelling), they just grinned,” says Dušan Klimo, a President of the Union of Slovaks abroad.
We were interested…
Soros´s Games

His anti-Russian rhetoric has changed and he now is urging his new proposal for a „Marshall Plan“ for Eastern Europe. The post-Soros, post-Obama, coup-government of Ukraine is essentially bankrupt after all of their ‘anti-corruption’ verbiage has collided with their total-corruption policies in Ukraine

De-Ukrainization of the Carpathian Ruthenians

“Ukraine has insane demands for the entire old Russian heritage. Ruthenians are not only the ancestors of Ukrainians, but also the ancestors of contemporary Belarusians, and even Russians, “ comments Mikhail Dronov, a Russian historian.

Invest story
Renaissance Daruvar Spa

The spa represents an authentic and modern sanatorium with a high level of services provided within the treatment of rheumatic and gynaecological diseases, women´s infertility, wellness, physiotherapy and sports medicine.

Results of Russian Operations in Syria

The Russia-US contacts are conducted according to the pattern that Moscow had been promoting for a long time. These two great powers are responsible for global security.
Bullying Judges in Practice

“The attacks and scandalizing the judges and  their judicial decisions by state officials and even by the General Prosecutor's Office have been increasing,“ reveals Viliam Dohňanský, a Judge of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic.

Since July 1, 2016, Slovakia will hold the EU Presidency. Should it initiate and include the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions in its agenda?

What is Human Ecology?

“Nature is available for us not as “a cluster of randomly scattered rubbish” (Heraclitus of Ephesus), but as a gift of the Creator who designated its internal order, “ Cardinal Jozef Tomko thinks.

Patrons of Science, Technology and Crafts (Part 1)

Saint Peter and watchmaking. He was the first pope. The oldest clock is a sundial which served as a calendar. In Slovakia the history of watchmaking began in the 15th century.

Franco's War against Leftist

Eighty years ago, a brutal civil war broke out in Spain, which was cruel against the Catholic Church as well. Priests were killed after having been tortured, nuns were murdered after having been raped.

The World of Show Business
Mozart of the Film World

“Music has to enter the film slowly, quietly and with a kind of refinement. The composer does not write the theme you will hear, for example, at the exact moment when a hero enters the room, “explains Ennio Morricone, a famous composer.

A Versatile Author with Unique Writing

“A man was born to express himself, to say what he thinks about his existence. However, the way may vary,” Miroslav Cipár, an academic painter, makes comments concerning his work.

Books and Reviews

Gallery of Naive Art in Kovačica

The canvas depicts the life and work of farmers, folk customs and traditions, the arrival of the Slovaks to the south of the Hungarian Kingdom, farm yards and village streets.

Legendary Commentator

,,A journalist or a commentator cannot support his team, only fans can do so. I do not quite understand contemporary life and values some people praise and follow,” Karol Polák a popular commentator, used to say.

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