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November/December 2016

Domaša has its First Pearl
Ferhadija Mosque
Gomionica Monastery
Full Mobilization of the Slovak Left
Will the intelligence help judges?
Investments in the modernization of Šaľa
From ‘Fake News’ to ‘Fake Intelligence’
Will Donald Trump End The American Unipolar Moment?
Dostoevsky's Prophetic Words
Elvis´s Movies

Searching for Trump for Slovakia and the EU

Finally, the Americans have their own “Putin ". It is it Donald John Trump, an independent billionaire who wants to stop “blood-sucking”, decline and disintegration of the United States and pursue “glasnost and perestroika” in the political, economic, social life and in the media world that dominated the elite establishment and media corporations controlled by them.
Due to his pre-electoral promises, the expectations are huge. Not only his voters in America, but also citizens of other countries in Europe will follow closely, how he will be successful in the process of the announced major changes he intends to carry out during his administration. The fundamental goals are very simple at first sight. Trump's revolution wants to reform and rebuild the United States in order to once again become a great and powerful country, which is able to promote stability and genuine peace and cooperation in the world. His voters and supporters believe it will support global initiatives aimed at protecting freedom of expression, self-determination of people and nations, and the legitimate sovereign states, respectively, by promoting the rights of people to protect their life and property. And they sincerely believe that the government of Donald Trump will declared the war against corruption and the so-called global political correctness that prevents the rise of globalization and will support only fair practices in world trade.
Evaluating the overall atmosphere of the current situation and conditions in American society does not need extensive or detailed analysis. Just be aware of what Donald Trump said, and who he thanked for support in New York on November 9, 2016, in his first speech after winning the presidential election. He talked about any winning campaign, but a movement of millions of hard-working men and women who want a new and better future. “It is a movement of Americans of all races and creeds who wish to respect a government that will serve the people and their will, "he said. He thanked more than 200 generals and admiral of the US Army for their support, i.e. “the sharp, smart and capable people" in US intelligence, war veterans and other American patriots, who “put on shoes”, took leaflets and on the ground to support his vision. Donald Trump showed his special gratitude to security and army officials also confirmed the deep crisis of confidence in the Obama administration, federal institutions and media that betrayed an independent and objective reporting.
Everything suggests that Trump struggle for truth and justice, a new and powerful United States will actually be a match between American patriots and various “parasitic" corporation and a group of senators and representatives of the Congress, which in recent decades has abused Pentagon and intelligence agencies, on behalf of the United States, the American people and democracy have led their private wars nearly worldwide. They took the role of the world's policeman, and what is the worst, they have driven not only American taxpayers, as well as NATO and the European Union respectively, government and military of other sovereign states, media corporations and their so-called free and independent media in the US and Europe driven into those hardly successful wars which result in only chaos, anarchy, economic and social decline, driven terrorism or organized illegal migration.
“Nobody is ever hated more than the one who tells the truth," said Plato once. If Trump's administration wants to succeed, it will need to eliminate particularly the impact of unfair practices and these parasites and elites establishment. To return the States to its citizens and provide them with a fair economic and social development will not be easy, it will require new laws, great courage and endurance. Controlled anti- Trump demonstrations and protests of eternally unsatisfied sexual and gender groups of citizens promoted and financed by “defeated groups of  Neo-cons" not only show disrespect of democracy and the election results by the failure, but also proves that Trump's revolution will not be easy and perhaps without blood, arrests, purges of personnel, lawsuits and maybe even temporary nationalization. The American society is facing fierce de-virtualization and breaking the taboo and US hegemony, many phrases and lies that the media elites and managed to hide for years and devalued the traditional American values of democracy and freedom. In this virtual reality and the power of the US, at least a generation has already grown. At least. Disillusionment will certainly hurt, but the truth and the new vision gradually heal many wounds.
And how is Slovakia and the European Union, will they be hit by Trump´s Revolution? And if it hits them, what will be the result? From the perspective of the majority of Slovak and European citizens, the level of patience and confidence against the European establishment respectively Brussels has reached its top. We are talking about a group of people who abused the Lisbon Treaty on strong centralization of political and economic power in the hands of selected individuals and banks. The result of this centralization, since 2009, have been the European Parliament, the European Central Bank and European Commission, is an almost 8-year economic decline of the EU, the allocation of the EU and the rest of the Eurozone, a sharp increase in poverty and misery, corruption and the risk of major social unrest. Unlike the US, the European Union does not have the “European patriotism" or nationalism because the EU is not a state and even federal or confederative. It is the only club of states, which have an international-legal entity. It is a product of globalism, which gradually destroys the United States and Europe. Virtually everyone who wants to be in Europe today or a patriot in Slovakia wants to eliminate the results of transnational governance establishment and parasites, is unable to be struggled only in its home country. The so-called national EU governments, although the formal results of the democratic vote, are virtually a part of the establishment and its system and cannot be cut off or isolated. Due to the fact that the European Union and its institutions are unable to reform, respectively, to decentralize and get closer to citizens, to serve, not citizens and people not ensure long-term increase in living standards, jobs, security and cultural development. The logical result of the match against establishment patriots and national governments must therefore decay and renewal of EU national, political and economic sovereignty of the states. The EU project fails thanks to a strong centralization of political and financial power that is transformed into a dictatorship. Patriots and citizens who disagree with particular policies or practices of establishment and its system, which indicate, for example, the controlled corruption through EU funds or restricting economic freedom that wants to live in dignity in a safe and free country, certainly do not represented by the kind of extreme right, nationalism, xenophobia or anti- europeism but on the contrary - the traditional Christian, political and cultural values ​​in Europe and in Slovakia. Such citizens and patriots are on the contrary very needed and cannot be isolated from society, leadership and management of the state and its institutions.
So how not to be afraid of Putin and Trump, there is no need to worry even about the process of disintegration of the European Union. Putin and Trump can positively inspire not only the Slovaks, but also other European nations. Time is ticking away for Slovakia. The aim of Slovak patriotism should be two first objectives - to terminate the era of mostly arrogant establishment to existing modes of Slovak Republic, which practically have lasted since 1993, and to offer citizens and national real vision of building the third Slovak Republic as a sovereign and independent state, which will primarily serve its citizens , its national and state interests, respectively, the domestic business sector. Of course, such a vision requires a new generation of politicians and patriots willing to dream a “Slovak dream" for Slovakia, which frees Slovakia deposits from foreign ideologies and policies, and promotes international cooperation with countries on the basis of equality, mutual respect and esteem.
It is said that patriotism is growing strict liability for their state and nation, to respect the national constitution and laws of order and security for the family and children. A person who does not have a developed sense of patriotism and patriotism, is a man without his country. In other words, created and preferred product of globalism – so-called a man of the world, which in fact a man who does not have his home and is therefore the homeless in the big world.
Mgr. Robert Matejovič, editor in chief

Domaša has its First Pearl

“We attempt to develop and revive tourism and give Domaša a vivid social life,” says Silvia Manduľáková, a director of the Hotel Complex Zelená Lagúna at Domaša.

Ferhadija Mosque

It is one of the greatest achievements of Ottoman Islamic architecture in the 16th century in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gomionica Monastery

It is the most beautiful female Orthodox monastery in the north of Bosnia in Republika Srpska.

We were interested
Full Mobilization of the Slovak Left
“First, we must be interested in people in Slovakia and then in problems that we constantly imposes on someone else," said Robert Fico in Prešov on the congress party SMER - SD.

Will the intelligence help judges?
“Police officers and politicians are blackmailing Mrs Švecová, they easily pushed her to a humiliating position of having to publicly declare cooperation with the head of the intelligence service," says Štefan Harabin, a criminal judge of the Supreme Court of SR.

Investments in the modernization of the town

“My personal goal is to transform Šaľa into a city where people find a peaceful living, education for children and opportunities for leisure time activities," says Josef Belický, a Mayor of Šaľa.

Public Opinion
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From ‘Fake News’ to ‘Fake Intelligence’
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Will Donald Trump End The American Unipolar Moment?
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Dostoevsky's Prophetic Words
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The Band of the Chapel
People are amazed at what you can achieve with a human voice, "says Braňo Kostka, a leader of a cappella group Fragile.

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Prehistory did not take place
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