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August/September 2017

For whom and against whom are the mercenaries of the Islamic state fighting?
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Let us be the apostles of mercy


For whom and against whom are the mercenaries of the Islamic state fighting?

Unlike Western Europe or the EU, where Christian religions (most Catholic) are experiencing a constant decline in the number of believers, the trends in the case of Muslim religions are exactly the opposite. At present, Islam is on a massive rise, and among all religions, there is the greatest number of believers growing. Worldwide, 1.8 billion people are reported to be Islamic (24% of the world's population). Most Muslims live in South Asia and the Middle East. There are already 44 million Muslims in the European Union, mostly in the Western European Member States, which were once the bastions of Christianity and traditional Christian culture. If the latest trends continue, and Muslim politicians and religious leaders will be able to establish "Islamic values" as well as transparency, rule of law and effective financial control, which are somewhat "indestructible monopoly" of modern Anglo-Saxon or European values, "attractive Islam" it can soon push out the constantly polarized and inconsistent Christianity to the second position in the ranks of the largest and most numerous religions in the world.
Interestingly, this trend does not endanger the so-called „war against radical Islam or the so-called „Islamic State. It seems to be almost indestructible variables that constantly change their well-armed combat groups and territorial positions. If we think that their end and military defeat is coming, they will suddenly catch up with new terrorist attacks in Europe. How is it possible? Are they so invincible? Which countries, and what private and public budgets are they paying for "Islamic mercenaries" and fighters? Who are they fighting for? For its "state on the wheels", for US, Israeli or Saudi-Arab geopolitical interests in the Middle East, the retreat of control over oil and gas fields and new transit corridors? Or are they really fighting for a new, right-wing Islamic empire, against Judaism or Christianity in the Middle East, which are a significant minority of religions there? Or we believe that they fight against abuses, multiculturalism, homosexual marriages, the transformation of men into women and women into men (gender ideology) and other so- called modern European values that are not being rooted and expanded in the Middle East? If these values are not attractive even for semi- assimilated Muslim community living in the European Union and in Europe, why should then Europeans and multicultural, free and democratic society "in EU afraid of Muslim fellow citizens? And especially, why should they be afraid of Christian communities in Europe? If the Christian churches and religions (mainly Catholic) were strong and powerful enough, it should be no problem for them to defend and spread “Christian faith and Christian truth. “ Muslims and Islam, however, cannot believe that Christian churches in the EU cannot face even more liberalism and even atheism that they have even begun to adapt to. Key questions are worded like this: why “Western (Non-unified) Christianity "is not attractive to Europeans, why is it not “so strong and solid" than Islam, and why not even a pillar of the European Union and European policy fails defend and protect Christians or the Middle East? And even could not recognize nor support the actions and efforts of the “Eastern Christianity ", that Orthodox Christians who militarily and politically fight against international terrorism and so- called the radical Islam and the Islamic state.           
The leader of this process is Orthodox Russia, which was able to integrate not only Muslims. Two years after the beginning of the military operation in Syria, 87.4% of the country's territory has already liberalized from militants of the Islamic state. The Russian Ministry of Defense says the Russian air-space forces have attacked mercenaries up to 92,000 times and destroyed nearly 97,000 objects. Between 30 September 2015 and 20 September 2017, Russian airplanes carried out 30,650 combat flights in Syria. 8,330 command posts, 53,700 concentrated combatants, 6,770 ammunition stores and fuel stores, 212 oil fields, and 184 oil refineries and service stations were impacted and destroyed. Russian engineers relinquished nearly 5,300 hectares of land, of which approximately 2,950 hectares in Aleppo and nearly 2,340 hectares in Palmyra. In total, 60,384 explosive objects were destroyed.
The Russian military operation in Syria will last until the complete destruction of terrorist organizations, The Islamic State and Jabhat an -Nusrá, which are forbidden in Russia. Unlike the European Union, which is not capable of creating a "counter-terrorist coalition" with Russia, and sending more humanitarian aid to Syria. There is no debate on this topic even in the EU Member States. Brussels is also silent when Americans, British, French, or Israeli officials bombard the "positions" of Islamic radicals, who then successfully attack the units of the Syrian army (without the UN and Syrian government's mandate). The European Union, in the fight against the ´Islamic terrorism' and the Islamic State, is dealing with a more organized migration crisis from almost all of North Africa and the Middle East and cannot handle even a million illegal migrants. Russia has quietly and peacefully managed 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine, which Brussels has not even been able to notice before. And these refugees are the result of a "pro-European" policy in Ukraine and "European aid" in Ukraine. The European Union will rather scare the citizens of the "Russian card" and the possible Russian attack on the eastern territories of the European Union, as it would admit it cannot resolve the chaos in Ukraine. Is the "Western and Eastern Lung of Christianity" in Europe, which the Vatican has dreamed of doing so?
Andrej Krasov, the first deputy of the State Duma Defense Committee of the Russian Federation, has criticized the Western countries' progress in combating international terrorism. “Let our western opponents say what they want, but I remind you that the Western Coalition in 2011 launched its" fight "with terrorist groups. So let's compare their struggle with the struggle of the government troops that support our military-air forces and our friends and partners from Iran. It does not look nice.”
Under the control of the Islamic State, almost 13% of Syria's territory remains. In addition to the Air Force and Navy in Syria, there are also Russian Special Forces units involved in the destruction of terrorist leaders, the destruction of particularly important enemy objects and the control of Russian Air Force raids. In August 2017, Deputy of the Minister of Defense, Yuri Borisov declared that Russia "tested" virtually all the news of its military-industrial complex in Syria.
Alexei Arbatov the head of the International Security Center of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences stresses that the Russian ruling circles consider the goal of Russian military operations as the destruction of terrorists who came to Syria to fight from Russia and the former Soviet Union. "I find it hard to understand how bombings from the airspace can tell where they came from. The number of terrorists, including the former Soviet Union, no one does not know why,  is not falling, on the contrary, it is steadily rising, "he said for the agency Interfax, adding: “The goal of destroying the terrorists so they do not return there has not been achieved. And I think it will never be. Even if the Islamic State and Jabhat An-Nusrá suffered a lasting defeat. They will move to the north of Africa, into Afghanistan, from Afghanistan to Central Asia and from there to Russia and to the North Caucasus.”
If sceptic Mr Arbatov is not mistaken, the goal of the so- Islamic State is to incite and maintain military conflicts that will financially and long-term expose and weaken Russia as well? According to various estimates, for the past two years, it has spent from 100 to 200 billion rubles on the war in Syria. And according to Kommersant newspaper data from the end of September 2017, 38 Russian soldiers have died since the beginning of the operation in Syria.
Robert Matejovic, editor in chief

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