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What the EU wants Donald Tusk to save?
The EU is still attractive
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Trump´s New “Global Disorder”
The Gamble of Mrs. May's Hard Brexit
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When will the prosecutor take a legal action against Dzurinda and his ministers?
How do you evaluate the current domestic and foreign policy of the SNS and ĽSNS?
Soil is not only the goods (Part I)

What the EU wants Donald Tusk to save?
The European Union will certainly benefit if the political parties wishing to liberate the EU and its native countries from the so-called policy of the European liberal socialism and European pseudo-conservativism strengthened their positions in the Dutch and German parliamentary elections, respectively, in the French presidential elections. These two political directions that combine various delusions, marketing and ideology of building “open, civic, global, managed and gender society and democracy”, did not attract the European Union, did not get “closer to its citizens”, but on the contrary – they have awakened its citizens and people to a new opposition and the intensification of protest. What motivates such a vehemently national and patriotic movement in the Netherlands, Germany and France, but also in other EU Member States, is the current European and transnational establishment that has virtually ignored and suppressed natural human and civil rights and freedoms. It's again the desire of citizens and people for real democracy and economic freedom for the development of the domestic small and medium enterprises, for social justice, for the production and consumption of healthy and quality food, for protection and development of national culture, its roots and traditions. They yearn for that, at the time when centralized “European power” and its institutions, hiding behind “common European idea” and so- called the rule of law, cannot stop ominous trends in European society - an increase of corruption, the masses of the poor, the sick and the unemployed, infertile men and women, increasing youth unemployment rate, expanding drugs, crimes and the dirty ghettos and neighborhoods at once clean and safe cities, production and distribution of junk food and the increasing area of ​​arable land that is being destroyed and poisoned by chemical fertilizers ...
These results also encourage British patriots to Brexit, it was not only massive waves of immigrants and economic migrants across leaky Schengen, generous welfare benefits and family allowances. In other words, the social engineering, illegal migration, organized crime in the form of trafficking people into the EU or violence, the subordination of the single common market to so-called four doctrinal principles of the EU (freedom of movement of people, services, capital and goods) undermine the project of the European Union and jeopardize its future. After all, almost everyone must get it clear that there is a link between, for example, access to the single market and ensuring the free movement of people and labor.
Therefore, it is natural that the European Union, respectively, the Lisbon Treaty, has shaken in its foundations. This agreement, which has centralized and unnecessarily divided the EU since 2009 is not a result of democratic dialogue of Brussels and the national parliaments of EU citizens but a forcibly extruding “integration reform from above”. Even then, it was known that too much bureaucracy will not strengthen but weaken the European Union and even would make it very expensive. From this point of view, it is, therefore, understandable why European Federalists and their transnational establishment receive so many political slaps. These slaps are in the form of intensifying the support of national and patriotic movements, which are justified and fair. Patriotism and anti-globalism not yet xenophobic, homophobic, fascist or extremist ideology and vice versa. And the European Union, the International Club of sovereign states, can only positively help. It is sufficient if it gradually freed and exempt from anti-human example to globalism attacking standard social systems and from “dreaming” neoconservatives in coat liberal socialism.
For example, Donald Tusk is an extremist and xenophobic politician, a historian and President of the European Council exaggerates and gives the EU citizens fright from Russia, but recently also from China and Donald Trump, whom he has even called “a threat” to the EU. “The disintegration of the European Union does not lead to the resumption of full, fictitious sovereignty of its member states, but their real and practical depending on powers: the United States, Russia and China. Only together, can we be fully independent,“ he wrote in his letter to the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the 27 member states before the February informal EU summit in Malta. The Kashubian native of Gdansk, which is one of the main centers of the almost forgotten Pomeranian Kashubians (Polonized and Germanized Western Slavs), sounds the alarm and asks for “very effective action” by the European Council to rescue the common European project. According to this former liberal Polish Prime Minister, the EU is being faced by the biggest challenges in its 60-year-old history. “These challenges are strong China, Russia's aggressive policy towards its neighbors and radical Islam, which is a breeding ground for anarchy in the Middle East and Africa,” he wrote in the letter.
Let's try to briefly analyze the competencies of Donald Tusk, the second “President of the EU”, one of the most fervent advocates of sanctions against Russia and the defender of the coup in Ukraine. The role of the European Council is to define the general political direction and priorities of the EU, it is a kind of a political program for a specific period. At first glance, it is a logical, necessary and at first glance, it is a logical, necessary and useful role. But how can a political program be really “coalitional”, a balanced and constructive, if approved only by prime ministers and heads of state (by consensus, unanimity or qualified majority) who represent different political spectrum within the right-wing, left-wing and liberal ideologies? It is more than clear that this “common political program” of the European leaders (prime ministers and presidents) does not really exist. It is more - less only proclaimed presentation of ambiguous and conflicting priorities that the Prime Minister and the head of each Member State to implement at home in their own ways.
The role of Donald Tusk is to chair the European Council and give impetus to its work. His role is not to form a political agenda or political direction of the European Union. He does not have the right to vote, he is not the spokesperson of the European Council. As an employee, he must provide the preparation of the European Council and the continuity of its work in cooperation with the President of the European Commission and on the work of the General Affairs Council. At the same time, he must promote efforts to cohesion and consensus within the European Council and present a report to Parliament after each European Council meeting. The European Union represents the bilateral summits with strategic partners (Japan, USA, Russia, South Africa, Brazil and China), the multilateral summits (G7, G8, G20 and the UN General Assembly) and summits at the EU level (the Eastern Partnership, Africa, ASEM CELAC), but only in the context of the common foreign and security policy. In his agenda, he is helped by a 32 - membered cabinet.
In this context, it is clear that Donald Tusk exceeds his competences and with his political views that often do not represent the common view throughout the European Council, needlessly torpedoes the prospects of new EU relations with the US, Russia and China, which most EU citizens call for. His political schizophrenia is more than tragicomic. If the EU wants to survive economically and together with its Member States, who else with than with the US, Russia and China must develop economic cooperation? Is Russia aggressive towards neighbours and to whom and how? If radical Islam is a breeding ground for anarchy in the Middle East and Africa, why he did not pursue in the European Council and initiate or support the formation of a coalition of EU-Russia-USA in Syria against the Islamic states? Or why cannot he publicly thank Russia (like other EU leaders) for its contribution in the fight against radical Islam and say that the EU has made a big mistake when it irresponsibly got drawn into the project of the “Arab Spring”, the war in Syria and the coup in Ukraine, which is already three years plagued by Poroshenko´s regime and the war in the Donbas? Donald Tusk compared his family history to the Jewish experience. He describes Kashubians as people who like Jews, they are people who were born and lived in the border areas and were persecuted by the Nazis and the Communists because they were not loyal.
It seems that the biggest political problem of the European Council and Donald Tusk will not be Vladimir Putin or radical Islam, but Trump's revolution that spreads to Europe and the European Union.

Robert Matejovic, editor in chief


The EU is still attractive

 “We have always believed in the European idea that we will be part of united, peaceful and free Europe”, says  Srdjan Darmanović, a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro.


Rajhenburg Castle

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