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June/July 2017

They can choose contracts
"God's Bridge"
Unique Architecture of Wallachia
American Trojan Horse at the Elysee Palace
Creating "Greater Europe"
Suffering from the Operation Storm
Will Domaša be "the Slovak Sea"?
Schism of Slovak Constitutionality
Motives for America’s Current Wars
Russian alternative to the West


The struggle for the truth continues

Consider the situation that the State Duma Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) has called on the Russian government to immediately allocate money to projects aimed at combating anti-Russian propaganda, Russianophobia, and false information about the Russian Federation in the European Union. Or, it would ask the government to provide more ambitious financial assistance to the "third sector in the EU Member States", which promotes improved relations and cooperation between the EU and Russia, promotes Christian values, traditional family and marriage of men and women, peace and inter-national cooperation. What would be the reaction? Silence, cry and a series of articles on Putin's regime and oppressed "civilian opposition," but who cannot even get a three per cent support in the elections? Again, new penalties?

Or imagine another situation: How would the so-called European leaders, officials in Brussels, the European Commission and the European Council respond if the Russian Parliament, the Russian President and the Russian Government consistently expressed their grave concern over the deterioration of the human and civil rights situation and the rule of law, for example, in the Baltic Member States with the discriminated Russian minority? Silence and ignorance as here to fore?  And how would they react if the Russians constantly criticized and pointed out violations of human and civil rights to Christian communities, such as in France? His president, Emmanuel Macron, is more concerned about the "gay suffering" in Chechnya than the oppressing and ejection of Christian symbols in French schools, or the punishment of Christian denominations and the use of Christian symbols. This childless and value-inconsistent president, who has already begun politically and ideologically breaking the Visegrad Four (V-4) and excitement of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico with his blushing about the "tighter EU core," in May in Versailles, he even said to President Putin he would be alert regarding gays in Chechnya.  In other words, President Macron and his team, who had robbed Marine Le Pen's agenda in the election campaign, are likely to be more concerned by gay people in Islamic Chechnya, which still has the largest natural increase in population among all subjects Russian Federation, such as the Russian minority in Ukraine, or peacekeeping and Minsk agreements by Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko. Does President Macron want to be a gay spokesman in Chechnya, or wants to create a "new turmoil" among gays and Islam that does not recognize and punish homosexuality in this autonomous republic in the Caucasus? I do not want to believe that President Macron would promote sex and the sexual orientation of one group or minority in Chechnya over the human and civil rights of ethnic Russians in Ukraine. In still unfortunate Ukraine, which cannot escape from the influence of fascist and Nazi groups tolerated not only by the Poroshenko regime but also by the European Union. Its "Iron Secretary", Angela Merkel, accused former President Yanukovych of refusing to sign an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU in November 2013 in Vilnius. Then, she told him she expected more from him. She was not curious about the arguments of the then Ukrainian government or the president that Ukraine would not survive its "break-away" from Russia and the CIS, and that it needed a substantial financial subsidy of almost 400 billion euros. If we realize after four years what Ukraine "sacrificed" to the altar of "the sacred EU", what price the Ukrainians have paid for, what they have lost and gained, we must ask – didn´t the Ukrainians rightly expect from Angela Merkel more? And more than what the EU offered and guaranteed?

Now that Lithuania is proposing a New European Plan for Ukraine (the so-called Marshall Plan for Ukraine) for 2017-2020 to get at least € 5bn annually to implement "long-awaited reforms", what does it prove? That Ukraine, after massive political and military support from the US and the EU or the staff of various international consultants and experts, is still unable to reform its values ​​and the economy for the image of the EU? Don´t you even see this image? This plan of further aid (the exact value of the current financial assistance is still unresolved, which could be a major shock to EU citizens, as in the case of the so-called Kosovo), is to be judged by the November EU Eastern Partnership summit. And there is also another package to be discussed in Brussels in early 2018. Under the EU's external investment plan for Ukraine, there will be talk of the possibility of earmarking and drawing on € 88bn by 2020. So, if we make a short a reflection on what President Yanukovych told the office of President Merkel in Vilnius, wasn´t he right? It seems, however, that Mrs Merkel or the entire EU leadership was not about the truth and Ukraine, but about starting another scenario - the coup and the economic chaos in Ukraine. The result is not just a civil war in Donbass and the return of the Crimea to Russia but also the departure of more than 2.5 million Ukrainian citizens - refugees to Russia and more than a million Ukrainians for work and "European life" in Poland. The number of Ukrainians who left for work in other EU countries because they cannot live at home is still not publicly spoken. Nor about how many of them already have Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, German or Austrian citizenship. In the case of Slovakia, just a small example - since the abolition of the visa requirement more than 200 000 Ukrainians passed over the Slovak Schengen border, of course, they went further to the West. The way in which Angela Merkel and former French President Francois Hollande supported the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine was and remained scandalously like when the "German-French integration engine" opened the EU to more than a million different migrants in 2014 and 2015, neither the Italians nor the Greeks could keep it. Mrs Angela Merkel, as well as other EU leaders, had already known that was organized by business smugglers and managed migration under the auspices and command of 'third sector volunteers'. Instead of vigorous and decisive action (protecting borders at sea and on land), the EU, under Angela Merkel, wanted to corrupt Turkey and reimburse the costs of organized crime for a "social and racial engineer project" for the EU and build a so-called refugee Islamic camps in Turkey. Angela Merkel has allowed her to gamble with the EU and its citizens, and left the fate of the migratory crisis in the hands of Ankara. It was the amazing value and peace policy of the EU, a great demonstration of how the EU, Angela Merkel and other leaders (including Martin Schulz) can crush and make people's lives safer, threatening peace and security, which later confirmed new sexual and terrorist attacks in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Let's go back to Russia for a moment. Let's imagine another Russian reaction - predictable regarding current Russians. Russian constitutional and state organizations declare "the fight against EU propaganda, its lies, its perverse civilization, integration, anti-Christian and cultural values." They then compile lists of politicians, activists and the media that disseminate "harmful and false EU propaganda" on the contrary to traditional Russian civilization values. Subsequently, special foundations, funds and civic associations will be set up to organize various seminars and discussions with citizens, and to inform the "embarrassed Russian democracy and the Russian society" about these dangers, the EU conspiracy portals and media against Russia and the negative impacts of their activities for the entire Russian society. Do you think Russia does not have to make such a decision? Or is it so internally strong that it does not need to protect the Russian society by such measures? To sum up, MEPs who voted in favour of alleged Russian political and financial support for "radical and extremist parties" in the EU Member States have not yet been able to tell the public what this is about. They cannot give the public any proof of who, and as of Russia or the "Russian world", these parties are funding the parties, what is the value of this aid. Nonetheless, the MEPs ask the European Commission to draft a draft legislation guaranteeing the transparency of the funding of political parties in EU countries by foreign entities. I personally would like to support this request, and broaden the requirement for transparency regarding the financing of the Third Sector and not only by foreign but also domestic subjects. Many so-called domestic entities were based on foreign capital. Let's look at the result of this Members' initiative. Maybe none. The media, ideological value struggle for the truth continues. Unfortunately, it is not only between American and Russian civilizations, but also between the so-called European (especially Anglo-Saxon) and Russian civilization. If the outcome of this struggle between the EU and Russia is a new constructive dialogue based on the truth, the recognition of errors and mistakes, the renewal of the strategic partnership between the EU and Russia, everyone will be relieved. In this case, there will be a new era of economic, cultural and social development in Europe and Russia. We all need such development.
Róbert Matejovič, Editor-in-Chief, dimenzie@swanmail.sk

They can choose contracts

"In Slovakia, we have given the tool to state officials to "blackmail" entrepreneurs by setting different conditions, especially low prices," says Anton Haviar, a Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of  HANT BA, a.s.

"God's Bridge"

In the village of Ponoarele, there is the longest natural bridge in Romania, the second longest in Europe.

Photo Report
Unique Architecture of Wallachia

An authentic fortified rural estate, economy and peasants´ houses in the Curtişoara Museum.

We were interested…
American Trojan Horse at the Elysee Palace

The case of the companies Gemplus and Alstom shows that President E. Macron has betrayed the strategic interests of the French industry.

No Comment
Creating "Greater Europe"

The geopolitical proposal of the Kishinev manifesto rejects the creation of the Anglo-Saxon unipolar and centralist empire.

Suffering from the Operation Storm

During the military-police operation more than 250,000 Serbs were expelled from the territory of Croatia. Serbia says it was ethnic purges.

Will Domaša be "the Slovak Sea"?

The project to build the National Center for Water Sports, Recreation and Sports History in Dobrá aims to stimulate the development of tourism, attract tourists and small domestic investors.

Schism of Slovak Constitutionality

"I consider the abolition of amnesty as a parliament-constitutional fraud for decent people," says Štefan Harabin, the criminal judge of the Supreme Court of the SR.

Motives for America’s Current Wars

The U.S.-Saudi oil company Aramco was trying to be allowed to build pipelines through Syria for Saudi oil and Qatari gas into the EU so as to grab that energy-market away from Russia.

Slavic World
Russian alternative to the West

The Russian World Foundation will assess the creation of an international movement that will connect all friends of the "Russian world" and Russians.

Opinion Poll
How do you comment on R. Fico's arguments for incorporating Slovakia into the EU's "tighter nucleus"? Is this the only alternative for Slovakia within the EU?

Orthodoxy in Orthodoxy (Part I)

The ash of the first fake Dimitrius was tapped into a cannon and fired towards the West.

The Legacy
Patrons of Science, Technology and Crafts (Part XI)

Archangel Gabriel and telecommunications.

The Black Spot of the British Empire

The hunger in Ireland revealed English egoism and separated Ireland from Great Britain.

The World of Show Business
Champion Edith Piaf

Yvesa Montanda trained him to a top chanson singer and opened him the door to the world of movies.

A Filmmaker of Slovak Woods

"I leave the profession of the director to the nature," says Zdeno Vlach, a cinematographer and produce of documentaries.

Books and Reviews
From the publication of the Publishers of the Association of Slovak Writers.

The Power of Silence
"Today, the dictatorship of the word and rhetoric pathos rule the world," says Cardinal Robert Sarah, the author of the book the Power of Silence, Against the Dictatorship of Silence.

"Painter of Zemplín"

Teodor Jozef Mousson belongs to the first painters who systematically devoted to Zemplín.

Having been driven by their boyish enthusiasm

"Hamšík is the opposite of Maradona, his modesty is his greatness," says Demetrio Albertini, a star of AC Milan in the 1990s.

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