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The word of the Chief Editor

Responsibility of Dimensions

The famous ancient philosopher Socrates once said: "Whatever you do, do it with the highest responsibility and enthusiasm".
The responsibility for every written word and expressed thought in the magazine Dimensions leads me to the question if it finds its positive response and understanding even on the other side, with you, our dear readers. I truly hope so.
I offer you a serious, independent and apolitical monthly magazine with interest holding content and conservative graphics. Its editorial staff applies the principles of serious journalism and the journalist’s ethics.
My intention and goal is that all would gradually meet and find themselves in the magazine. Not only personalities, politicians, diplomats, investors, managers, artists, actors, middle and even high society, but common people, too. Even those who are not living in Slovakia but they speak, write and read Slovak, even those being skeptics, critics, optimists and visionaries. I would like to offer you a human magazine and bring the life closer to you in its every movement, willingly and independently.
It is said that if the man is able to be enthusiastic then he is able to achieve everything. In my opinion, the enthusiasm is the basis of any progress; it can not be evaluated by money. Especially in this difficult time when we are witnesses of different economical and social crises frustrating, depressing the people and leading to chaos and loss of freedom. So I would like Dimensions (even those spiritual and cultural) would be a small island of enthusiasm for further creative work and a small island of those enthusiastic people who like good reading.

Your Róbert Matejovič, M.A.
Executing manager of the company Dimenzie, Ltd. and chief editor

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