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When will West stop destroying Middle East?
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How do you comment on the attempts of President A. Kiska to return M. Dzurinda and I. Mikloš to the Slovak politics?
Freedom of Speech in the Form of Silence



When will West stop destroying Middle East?

Despite successful Russian intervention and US-Russian military dialogue on "definitive defeat" of the so-called Islamic State, which confirmed the direct military engagement of the US Army in Syria, the power policy of the destruction of the Middle East countries continues. Its authors are mainly geopolitical strategists from the US and Israel, which are being supported by some of the Western European countries of the European Union (especially the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy). The devastating effects of this policy, which is hidden by the "Western Coalition" war against terrorism and radical Islam are so extensive that it will probably take several years until the Middle East recovers its multicultural face. If it succeeds in recovering after the massive emigration of the population, after extensive and targeted destruction of infrastructure.

The consequences of this policy are so fatal that they no longer hinder anyone from clearly naming its goals and consequences. This is very good evidence, for example, by the open letter of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East dating back to the 20 May 2018. It was addressed to people to believe in God, fellow citizens, Christians, Muslims and Druzes (a religious and ethnic community living in Lebanon, Israel and Syria, coming from Egypt at the beginning of the 11th century when it split from the Shia branch of the Ismailites) from the political West, and Israel.

"In the West there are good and friendly nations, but also those who make decisions concerning the Middle East at the expense of its inhabitants," write six Eastern Catholic patriarchs. They speak openly about the "Western Middle East Destruction Policy", which is also the reason for the forced emigration of millions of people, including Christians. "It began with the destruction of Iraq and later with Syria and the weakening of Egypt. Jordan and Lebanon are in permanent danger. Conflicts or alliances have arisen in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. And there is a war against Iran. This is the reality we live in, "they say in a 21-point open letter of patriarchs called" Christians of  East today - fears and hope. This, already the 11th Open Letter, was signed by Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak, Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, Béchara Butrus Raï, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius Joseph III, on behalf of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East. Younan, the Syrian Antiochian Patriarch, Joseph Absi, the Melchite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and the East, Alexandria and Jerusalem, Louis Raphaël I. Sako, Patriarch of Babylon (Chaldean Catholic Church), Krikor Bedros XX. Ghabroyan, Armenian Patriarch of Kilik and Mons. William Hanna Shomali, Assistant Bishop and Administrator of the Jerusalem Latin Patriarchate.

According to the signatories, the direct consequence of this policy is "terrorism that settled in our countries before it turned against the very West that gave birth to it. Terrorism has been born because those who deal with politics in the West (the US and the EU) have served it as an effective tool for changing the face of the East. With their allies in the region, the Islamic State (ISIS), with local human resources, has created an existing religious extremism and a belligerent understanding of religion. "

The subtitle of the open letter quotes the Second Epistle to the Corinthians: "We are sorry on all sides, but we are not satiated, we are helpless, but we fail to give ourselves up (2 Corinthians 4: 8)". The Catholic Patriarchs consider the human, social and political situation in the Middle East. As I write, "no Arab country knows peace or stability" because of war, terrorism, poverty and the emigration of Christians. We all repeat to all politicians that the best thing we can do with our people is to allow them to stay in their homes, in their countries, and not to incite political unrest and the various forms of violence that force them to emigrate. "

Patriarchs point out that we must distinguish the different faces of the West. Although there are good people and friends and ancient civilizations in the West, there are also politicians who make decisions against the Middle East on the basis of their economic and strategic interests and to the detriment of the interests of the Middle East. "Our people are undoubtedly demanding reforms and a better way of life, but there is certainly no ruin among their expectations. The people and nations of this region have been and are still sacrificed for the benefit of foreign interests. The Islamic state's religious terrorism has reached the extreme limits of cruelty and inhumanity, "the Catholic patriarchs emphasize.

According to them, many in the West, including politicians, say that Christians are killing Muslim extremists. In the framework of the Middle East destruction, however, Muslims, Alaviti, Jezídi and others are also killed. "But the real killers are those who decide in the West. With their allies in the region they want to create a new Middle East in accordance with their ideas and interests. For those who do politics in the Middle East, we, Christians, do not exist. They do not care for our lives or our death. Therefore, the real danger that threatens us is not the fact that God wants Muslims and Christians to live together in our common countries. Real danger is the political West that thinks it is entitled to secure its interests, destroy our lands and reorganize them at its own discretion. "The Patriarchs, therefore, call upon the faithful men and women of good will in the West to finally open their eyes and see the tragedy , caused by their political leaders. "Open your eyes, understand what is happening and correct the present evil." Western leaders are also asking to change their visions and ways of doing things so as not to weaken and destroy the region, but to respect the dignity of the nations in the Middle East and their freedom to make their way life and not death. "We are Arabs, descendants of many ancient civilizations: Assyrian, Chaldean, Syrian, Coptic, Armenian and Byzantine. We have lived and live in the Arab countries which are ours. We form one homeland and one society with Muslims. Living together, Muslims and Christians, is God's will for us. Together we are an essential part of the region and its destiny. The future of Christians is therefore not just a Christian issue, but a question that concerns the whole region - Christians, Muslims and Druzes, "emphasize the Catholic patriarchs.

Their open letter also contains messages addressed to those who believe in God in the Middle East, their fellow citizens and ruling elite. Believers urge them to resist the temptation to emigrate. "Your lands and your churches need you in difficult times. The future of our churches and the Christian presence in general in the region also depends on your decision to leave or accept the will of God to remain where he has called you. "

Politicians and ruling elites in the Middle East are calling for the voice of the poor and oppressed and not to "push the outside world pressures and powers that want to change the region as they wish and think they have the right to decide on our fate by virtue of their material or military strength. " According to the patriarchs, it is important to build a "laic state, based on the equality of all its citizens, without discrimination on the basis of religion or for any other reason. The Laic state separates religion from the state, but respects all religions and liberty. A state in which every citizen feels at home equals everyone else and has equal opportunities for life, government or work, regardless of his or her religion. Everyone will feel like brothers in the same country, with the same duties and the same rights. "

The Middle East needs leaders to promote peace for their countryside and neighbouring countries. Leaders who reject any incitement to the war coming from the outside, respectively the alliance against the good of their peoples or neighbouring countries. "We want free, clean-handed leaders who can bring the region out of many wars and create a stable and definitive peace. We repeat the political West and Israel that sharing is possible. If you continue on the path of death, death will eventually devour everything and everything, you and us. Change the destruction towards our lands and the Christian East. Have new ideas about life and respect for the nations of this region. Life is possible. Peace is possible. Depart from our interests to see the God who created you and called upon you to respect the nations. "

The key to peace in this region and the West is peace in Jerusalem, between Palestine and Israel. Peace is possible if the intentions are sincere and if there is the will to negotiate peace. The Catholic patriarchs of the East are convinced that we all need a new Middle East that will not create others but those who live there, which do not consist in changing borders or in the movement of nations, but in the renewal of the heart. "The Middle East will renew its nations without the West set their plans. The Orient that his sons created, masters in their homes, Muslims, Christians and drunks. In this project, Christians offer, as well as others, their contribution to the new creation. To a new world where good, reason, love and cooperation prevail among all citizens and countries of the world. Therefore, we pray, "Lord, send your Spirit and restore the face of our country," the Catholic patriarchs accuse.

Róbert Matejovič, editor-in-chief



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