January 2018

Globalists of different colours
The Vysegrad Quartet will not replace the EU
Restaurant at Two Officers
Precious Herakles´ City
Should Robert Fico publicly support the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland?
Destructive bulldozer Angela
Italian Questions
The Munich betrayal by the eyes of the Russians
We have to separate drugs from the dollarJustice
Waiting for God's Justice


Globalists of different colours

Thus, we have survived the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, which the Bolsheviks themselves have not long called otherwise. At least that serves them to honor, unlike their later apologists who made it VOSR - The Great October Socialist Revolution, which was neither October nor Socialist, nor Revolutionary, nor great. It was a conspiracy of bloodless necks in veins that sought the state as a military and economic base for the global revolution. They wanted to drown the whole planet in the blood and to establish world of communism. That was what Russia used to do, which prevented many, just as today. When it did not come up with a freestyle marauding and a by the inauguration of the republic, they have decided for the B variant. Something similar is happening today, just under the arrest of the Islamic state. For globalists, it is not essential to have the pledge coloured - red, yellow, green, black or blue. In the cabinet, carefully guarded and moths-treated flags of all colors are installed. It is important that the garniture, which they put on their feet with the help of capital and their media, but especially the shadowless power structures without borders, fulfills their basic geopolitical requirements. One of them was the idea of ​​the so-called " New California in the Crimea as the first Jewish state in the world.
How stupid and naive we have been and I still notice when we are under the pressure of ignorance and infinite propaganda that cannot understand what is actually going on. I still do not understand the difference between the Trotskyist and Stalinist phases of Communism, they cannot understand the subsequent development after the end of so-called " Stalin's cult and after the Khrushchev era, which resulted in the so- the fall of communism after 1989. I do not understand that the so- neocons who furiously fight against Trump when they are publicly threatened with murder, are actually Trotsky's children, just like our oligarchic group of socialists, and even elite American media outlets. Unfortunately, those in the government still stick to the laces from a poor Slovak man who thinks that he could once get the loyalty of Dubcek's rolls and milk for two crowns. No one tells them that even the so- called  the Prague Spring was only a Trotsky attempt, only a check that did not depend on the consequences. Not even the signatories of Charter 77 made up almost as much as this Trotskyist.
I do not know where Russia is developing. All ideologies have gone a step further and in their confusion try to hunt the sympathy of everyone. But you cannot sit on two chairs for two long. If we do not let ourselves into our hearts of God, and Lucifer and Belzebub are only going to strike again.
Human memory is short. Recent pain turns into sentiment that is born out of new cripples, layered by the presence. For today's youth, there is already some preposing question, socialism, that is, the monopoly of a political ideology that rejected the millennial spiritual and moral experience of the Second World War. People usually perceive only what is touching them immediately, they do not see the past as the cause and the presence as its consequences. Life is only one, it needs to live, every day has its afflictions, and then it turns out, the man would turn into a salt column like Lot's wife. And so we ignore that a dry tree that we had cut down, a new sprout from the live root shows.

The Bolshevik Putsch in Russia in 1917 was an attempt at the world revolution, the first variant of globalization. It was a bloody variant, characterized by red terror. The struggle for the nation, the tradition, the spirit that gave birth to our civilization, has failed to silence. Sooner or later, he would have grown over the clay in which he tried to infiltrate the bands of the tanks.
In 1977, it was decided to disintegrate the communist system. Later, Andropov, who controlled the KGB and began to attack the closed power of the party, came to power. It was not a simple struggle, since the Party also had its divorce, whose task was to control the activities of the KGB. The system of fear, distrust and mutual control is not easily transformed. Luckily, the party lost the apparatus. But that was not yet a victory. The KGB was about integrating the Soviet Union into the EU and NATO, and the former elite fighters in the service of the world revolution become equivalent in the White House salons. Let's mention the stage when talking about a common European home after the Ural. Just call the Ural?! And what about Asian territory? At this point the KGB was split. A wing emerged willing to release the Americas, China and Japan for their well-being and recognition, and a wing that agrees with integration not on parts but on Russia as a whole.

The other wing brought Putin to power. To make it small, the various force structures officers, up to the KGB generals, began to look for the concepts of future state development. I have no room to divide what all these forces in the social discourse cover. I guess everything. Whatever the Russian man chooses in the election, he always chooses the power of one KGB department.
So what are the US sanctions against Russia? It is an attempt to force the part that comes to the conditions of the West that is to say with the gradual and controlled break-up of Russia. If the West did not only pursue a liberal alternative to globalization, full of decadence, moral decay and mockery of Christianity, it could be successful. But he ran over fevers and wars as early as the arrival of Bolshevism ...
Teodor Križka, poet, Editor-in-Chief of Culture magazine

The Vysegrad Quartet will not replace the EU
"Our common Union does not direct the model of the United States, the Russian Federation, or the Euro-Asian economic union being led by Moscow," says the political analyst Pavol Demeš.

Restaurant at Two Officers
It is located in the heart of the Kodra Hills about 36 km from Chisinau, the capital of Moldovia.

Precious Herakles´ City
For more than a millennium it served as an important strategic, commercial and cultural center in the south of the Balkan Peninsula.

Opinion Poll
Should Robert Fico publicly support the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, and ask the European Commission to withdraw the action for their refusal to reallocate migrants?

Destructive bulldozer Angela
"We need a European Europe, not the EU's international financial sector," emphasizes Manuel Ochsenreiter, director of the German Center for Eurasian Studies.

Italian Questions
"Without a strong government, Italy will continue to depend on the decision of the Brussels bureaucracy," writes Gianluca Savoini, a foreign policy consultant to the League of the North.

We were interested
The Munich betrayal by the eyes of the Russians
Everything could have been different if Chamberlain and Daladier had not scrambled with Hitler.

We have to separate drugs from the dollar
If dollar drug trafficking stops, the Eurozone can return a poisonous gift to the Anglo-Saxon world.

Waiting for God's Justice
"President Andrej Kiska has repeatedly acted against the Constitution," says Štefan Harabin, the criminal judge of the Supreme Court of the SR, regarding the appointment of three new constitutional judges.

Being managed by coincidence
"Financial industry wants intellect, football needs energy and painting requires heart. My works reflect my current feelings, "says Ivana Kosturova.

Bulldog from Malá Ida
Addiction has helped ultramarathon runner Slavomir Lindvai overcome suicidal thoughts and addiction to alcohol.

Man is not an isolated monad
"A human personality cannot be reduced to a kind of freedom that decides on its own," said Radoslav Lojan, the Catholic priest.

Orthodoxy in Orthodoxy (Part IV)
From the death penalty to the recognition of the ancestors.

Mysterious Prince Rudolf (Part III)
He shot not only his mistress, who decided to die with him but himself.

He lives and forms for his brother
"When I saw the great success of Jirka's songs, I said I had to play those songs," says Milan Schelinger, the Czech monarchist and Milan Schelinger Band leader.

He did not resist the opera singing

"My father created such a perfect creation of Jánošík character that I would not be able to confront him," admits Martin Malachovský, the soloist of the Slovak National Opera in Bratislava.

Books and Reviews
From the Publisher of the Association of the Slovak Writers

Free Orchestra of Colours
Siniša Simon, a Croatian academic painter, and his spontaneous, vital and fresh creations.

Problems with Cycling
The mistakes of the International Cycling Union have also damaged Peter Sagan, Roman Kreuziger and other cyclists.

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