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China, not the USA, will dominate
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After four years in Russia
Brussels does not protect Europe
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Should the so-called initiative for a decent Slovakia also demand the resignation of President Andrej Kiska for serious suspicions of tax frauds?
About the Fourth World (Part II)
Great life of a lawyer


China, not the USA, will dominate

Although many of us are thinking about current Russian-American relations, from the point of view of the current development of global geopolitics, we should pay our attention especially to the US-Chinese and Russian-Chinese relations. In the case of the renewed cold war between Washington and Moscow, which is being directed by the American neo-conservative strategists with the Pentagon, it is confirmed that the White House is entering a blind alley. President Trump plays poker not only with Russia, but also with China and the European Union. In it, besides the media war, the Russophobia and the propaganda, the trade war worsens it as well. America has bad relations with both Russia and China. And the current relationship between the US and the European Union, if we omit the rubbish about traditional or compulsory alliances within NATO, can be defined as lukewarm and counterproductive. Many Russian and American political scientists agree that Russian-American relations are worse than in the era of the Soviet Union. Increasingly, there are rumours about a possible open military confrontation between Moscow and Washington. A month ago, we watched with tension how the threat of a direct Russian-American conflict would develop in Syria. The risk of war was greater than in the 1962 Caribbean crisis, which was the only serious (maritime) confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union. Today, there is no secret that there are at least 2,000 US soldiers in Syria, of course illegally. Also, it can no longer be concealed that the Americans illegally bombed (without the mandate of the UNSC and the Syrian Government's consent), which was presented as an allied bombing of the so-called Islamic State, in fact targeted the infrastructure of Syria. According to available information, the US airplanes destroyed at least 32 bridges and seriously damaged one of the largest water dams in Syria.

It is also more than clear that Washington, whose aim is to divide Syria into three parts, supports so-called democratic opposition to President Assad. Politically and militarily. Unless Russia intervened in Syria, US and Allied results of propaganda military operations against international terrorism and the so- called Islamic State had been very poor. Paradoxically, the power of radical Islamists increased after them or moved to other positions.

A very serious Russian-American fight is also taking place in Ukraine. We still remember how Donald Trump in the election campaign claimed that he did not care for Ukraine, that the US would not continue to get involved in Ukraine. In fact, not only US advisers and military specialists do so, but also Canadians. Secret supplies of lethal weapons, which were quietly shipped to Ukraine in 2015, were blessed by the official agreements. So, Ukraine is in danger of escalating the Ukrainian-Russian war conflict. Moscow is concerned that Ukraine is an existential and security issue for Russia. The Russians, however, believe and are convinced that in the event of a major conflict, the Americans will definitely lose the war in Ukraine. Like in Vietnam or the Korean peninsula. The Russians rely mainly on their modern and efficient nuclear rocket potential.  The expansion of the "nationwide Russian uprising" in Ukraine also matters, which can create “New Russia” (a federation of several republics from the present Ukrainian south-eastern regions) between "smaller Ukraine" and Russia. Pessimists say that without a war it will certainly not happen, because Kiev has not yet met one point from the Minsk Peace Agreements.

The question arises why Americans are exerting such a strong political and economic pressure on Russia, why they want to break it down and subdue the various sanctions to break up Russian society and cause social unrest? Let's try to find answers in this consideration: Russia has entered into a strategic partnership with China. The Russian-Chinese political and economic relations are very friendly and successfully developed within the framework of major global economic and investment projects. China has advanced rapidly over the past decade, its international impact is growing, and in many ways, technology has already overcome the United States, which is obviously not a world leader and a "cop" number 1. The US share of world GDP is falling year by year and will continue falling. Whereas, after the Second World War, it was almost 50%, currently it is at 22-24%, according to some other statistics only 17%. President Trump is trying to save America and keep it in the world of extra league. But if, for example, we realize that Chinese computers work five times faster than US and that China, the largest US creditor, annually registers a million patents, it is naive to expect the US to catch up with China or overtake it. The real enemy number 1 for the US is not Russia but China. And even from a military point of view. It is no secret that part of China's Naval Silk Road project is also building 32 Chinese naval military bases. Geopolitical US-Chinese Diplomatic Battle of the South Chinese Sea, in which Chinese will have built up 7 military bases in the near future, is clear evidence. In the meantime, the US-Chinese trade war may later turn into a war between the US and China. Let's go back to Russia. According to the logic of US strategists, if the Americans succeed in knocking down Russia's economic power, Moscow will not be able to push for an independent foreign policy and philosophy of the multipolar world. Weak Russia will not even chase China, which would mean the end of the Chinese-Russian partnership. Instead of two opponents, there would be only one - China. But Americans will not be able to root for this. Boris Yeltsin is not the president of Russia, and the sanctions fatally did not jeopardize the Russian economy. Neither the cohesion and consolidation of Russian elites. The situation is exactly the opposite. Russia can choose which side to add. It is still attractive, it has great natural resources and wealth, or large territory and modern weapons.

In the case of worsening the US-Chinese relations, in this fight, the one being supported by Russia, will win. And it all suggests that Russia, thanks to an irresponsible, stupid, and aggressive strategy of the US neo-conservatives, will prefer China. And we do not overlook any further knowledge - the construction of the North Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is another lesson for the Americans. Eventually, the card can turn, and Americans might break themselves. Each of their geopolitical affair and ignorance of the national interests of other states will only strengthen the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership. And in the event of another US economic weakening, it will only be a matter of time when Brussels begins to talk and promote the renewal of the strategic partnership between Russia and the European Union.
Róbert Matejovič, editor-in-chief

,,Help, Teach, Heal”

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After four years in Russia

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Brussels does not protect Europe

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Maple "Brown Leaves"

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Fighting to tell the truth

Despite the propaganda of Donald Trump, the nice and intelligent new rockets of the Americans, have not been used by the British and the French against Syria, which did not attack them militarily.

Give people a joy

"We can do small things with great love, too," says Daniela Baňasová, a mezzo-soprano singer.

Should the so-called initiative for a decent Slovakia also demand the resignation of President Andrej Kiska for serious suspicions of tax frauds?

About the Fourth World (Part II)

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