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January/February 2019

Masks of Economic Treason in Ukraine
He wants to return pride to Slovakia
Stone Gothic Castle in Liptovský Hrádok
Cultural Jewel upon the Danube
Lethal Weapons for Ukraine
Stay or Emigrate?
The Return of Louis XVI.
Is the Yellow Jackets" protest movement in France a new attempt to revolt citizens for the sovereignty of a national state?
“16 + 1” Cooperation
Contrasts in the Holy Land


Masks of Economic Treason
 in Ukraine
I hardly find a better example of the double standards that the EU and some Western Leaders represent in the EU's foreign policy towards other states, than Ukraine. The eastern neighbour of Slovakia has shifted significantly since the “Majdan“. Where? From the country having been dominated by oligarchs' structures, to the Russo-phobic autocracy with limited freedom of speech. In the country which has been left by several million citizens it is almost daily routine to kill unsuitable  journalists and politicians. The most egregious anti-Semitic groups and ultranationalist groups share the power. The state is further controlled by the despotic kleptocracy, which, in the holding of power, is willing to use any means.

Paraphrasing President Masaryk, the states live in such ideas, of which they were created. If we realize that the current regime in Ukraine created “Majdan”, so there is no wonder, really. The Ukrainian “revolution” was very bloody. It brought hundreds of victims, while still not  investigated temporary and who provoked the mass bloodshed. The fact is, “Majdan” got out of the political basement, the most compelling figures. For example, Dmitry Jarosh, a leader of an ultra-extremist Right Sector or the infamous Oleh Tjahnybok, the leader of the ultra-nationalist, anti-Semitic and the extreme right party Sloboda (Freedom). This party is openly reported to be linked to the legacy of the Ukrainian uprising army of the World War II and to link its leader Stepan Bandera, who called for liquidation of Russians, Belarusians, Hungarians, Poles and  Jews. “Naturally, I realize that Moscow, Poland, the Hungarians, Jewry are enemies of yours. Eliminate them, get rid of Jews, Poles, Communists, destroy them with no mercy,” even such statements are documented.

He tried to negotiate a pact with Adolf Hitler, who initially had no interest in the creation of independent Ukraine. But in 1944, he needed any allies. They joined together, and Bandera had received a massive help from Hitler. It was mainly their hatred tothe Soviet Union. In the wake of Soviet attacks, the Bandera were willing to commit any crime. From mass pogroms to Jews to killing more than 100,000 Poles, including women, children and elderly people. Neither these acts did not prevent the former President Yushchenko, during the era of the Western Ukraine built a monument of Stepan Bandera. He honoured posthumously dozens of members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Ukrainian Insurgent Army predecessor, and Stepan Bandera even the Order of Hero of Ukraine. It is almost impossible in the civilized world. The fact that the spirit of Stepan Bandera is still very much alive especially in western Ukraine, evidenced by the performances of Irina Fariova, an MP at the Provincial Parliament: “The ideals of Ukrainian nationalism, which the Second World War to resist against Moscow  should be valid for the whole of Ukraine...Anyone in Ukraine who does not have a Ukrainian soul, should be executed. And Moscow should be erased from th earth surface because it is an irreparable black hole in the European security.”

Clear Military and  Fascism of  “postmodern” Ukraine is also the formation of paramilitary groupings that operate parallel to the official armed forces of the state. Most famous such grouping is the Azov Field Battalion. Its leader is the right-wing radical Andriy Bileckyj with tights to the Right Sector. He is a member of the Parliament's Parliament, in which he has a nickname- a white leader. Probably and it helped the Azov already incorporate into the Ukrainian National Guard and he earned his rank for his actions as a Lieutenant Colonel. The emblem of his battalion is mirrored by Wolfsangel with a sign of the black sun. Just inverted Wolfsangel as its symbol was used by the Hitler Division SS Das Reich. And with the participation of the ideology of the battalions of his battalion are the theses of the prevalence of white race or  the need for an autocratic dictatorship.
Fortunately, such repulsive behaviour did not remain completely unanswered.The acts of the battalion of Azov and the opinions of its members responded the House of Representatives of the American Congress. Based onthe information that was given to the congressman, adopted an amendment of the law on the foreign military assistance. In you are strictly forbidden by US instructors to train his fighters. This amendment literally blocks the delivery of mobile anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine. And in thereason report to  the law states that most members of the Azov battalion openly admit “Nazi views”. In every democratic country where the rule of law would be forbidden, its leaders, and members would be prosecuted and under surveillance with intelligence services. That's not true for Ukraine. On the contrary, Dmitry Jarosh was elected by the citizens of Ukraine as a member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

We will also notice the case of Alexander Muzychek, the Jarosh's right hand. He was shot in  a café in the town of Rovno in the east of Ukraine during a shootout with a special command of Sokol, which is subordinated to the interior minister Avakov. This former field commander was also known to have fought in Chechen war on the side of Islamist terrorists. During the Majdan, he ran the first of the most aggressive components of demonstrators of ants who attacked the cops. After particulartime, out of control; the Ukrainian armed forces decided to eliminate it. Do not be surprised, we need to realize what the regime in Ukraine is like. The Minister of the Interior, Avakov, initiates disposal right hand Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, who is the same time advisor to the Minister of Defense!

The fact that the right sector is much more criminal gangs or gang om, evidenced by the incident, which became in the recent Mukachevo in the Transcarpathian area. Wild shooters were supporters of the Right Sector and local and police. The consequences were bloody - three dead and more than ten injured. The incident took place in the villa district and was shot of anatomies and guns. The essence of the dispute was the handling of accounts between smugglers and   the right sector. Cigarette smuggling and other goods, is a very profitable business, which is Transcarpathianregion is very widespread. A head of one of the gangs was Mikhail Lanjo, another MP of the Ukrainian Parliament, on  who is alleged to be involved in extortion and smuggling. He got into a sharp dispute with Viktor Baloha, the former Mayor of Mukachevo, the Minister for Emergency Situations in Ukraine and current deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament. This dispute has arisen long ago it was only a matter of time when it would break out. Right sector, however, still he did not explain who gave him the right to use weapons and in addition to private litigation, or indeed in litigation between Mafia groups. In the light of these facts, we must be surprised at why these events and   deeds overlooking so-called media-forming media and  why EU leaders in Ukraine are pushing for ostrich politics. Ukraine now has a corrupt kleptocracy and a semi-Roman state that tolerates fascist clusters. 

However, it is obvious that such a situation in Ukraine is very suitable for somebody. In cloudy weather and waters are well hunted and 3500 Ukrainian state-owned enterprises are still waiting for privatization. More specifically, for handing out the West and overseas investors at symbolic or microscopic prices. Mr. Dzurinda and gentlemen Mikloš does not even work randomly, hardly finding better Slovak experts for such operation. Prepared essential and economic and treason andplaced with the assembled political elite has come to an end because it must be tempted by its Western protectors.
Roman Michelko, political scientist and writer

He wants to return pride to Slovakia

It is necessary to save the state, the family, to make order in the state. I know how to do that, and  I am not afraid to do so,” says Judge Štefan Harabin, a candidate for the Slovak president.

Stone Gothic Castle in Liptovský Hrádok

Photo report
Cultural Jewel upon the Danube
The Linz Castle is the dominant of the historical center of the Old Town and the connection between the past, present, and future.

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Lethal Weapons for Ukraine

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Stay or Emigrate?

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The Return of Louis XVI.

Emmanuel Macron has shown himself as a faithful poodle serving Washington and not France.

Opinion Poll
Is the "Yellow Jackets" protest movement in France a new attempt to revolt citizens for the sovereignty of a national state?

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Judiciary versus Justice

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