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China's investment offensive is waiting for Slovakia
For the Health of Animals and our Country
Stone Bridge in Konjica
"Tunnel of rescue"
Will it pass or die?
"Chinese Creditor Imperialism"
One Zone, One Way
How and in what way do Russia and China threaten a politically fragmented EU?
Long Live the Republic of Northern Macedonia!
Slavism and Europe of the future


China's investment offensive is waiting for Slovakia

China has a strong track record in strategic geopolitical competition and strengthens itsposition in international trade and investment. Refusal of the cooperation with China can no longer be afforded even by Germany, France and Italy, the countries of the Visegrad Group and Balkan peninsula. To put it simply, this is no longer the European Union (German-French tandem), the US and Japan, but China, which is investing globally "in bulk" and can provide longer-term economic growth for Central and South-Eastern Europe. This is confirmed by the results of the April Second Summit on China, One Belt, One Road. Chinese President Xi Jinping managed to give a lesson to an American geopolitical rival - 130 states came to the summit (about 40 of them were prime ministers and presidents), and 283 agreements worth $ 64 billion were signed. As a result of their anti-Chinese politics and propaganda the Americans have only sent a "third league". And the European Union surprised by its limited representation.

At this summit, President Xi Jinping explained the strategy of his geopolitical project and the change of position of Malaysia and Pakistan on the issue of so-called “debt trap”. Apparently, India will soon join China's "debt trap," as it is a member of the Shanghai organization. Unfortunately, the European Union is losing its investment strength and investment position. Instead of changing its attitude, increasing its commitment, it threatens Balkan states and dissuade them from risks of Chinese “debt trap". The reaction is exactly the opposite. The Balkan states intensify cooperation with China. They are very thirsty and need to drink. Even though they long for every major Chinese investment and privatization offer. No wonder, because these states also want to survive and continue to develop economically. The dates of their EU membership are still uncertain. Nor is it certain in what political and integration condition the European Union will be in the next five or ten years. Nobody will survive thanks to speech and promises.

The Chinese offensive in the Balkans focuses on non-EU countries. These are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (especially the Republic of Serbia), Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia. In particular, the Chinese measure their strength here with Germany, France, Italy, Russia and partly the USA. Serbia is their new and first strategic partner, leading sovereignly in the ranking of agreements concluded - so far more than 70 contracts have been signed with China. It is assumed that in various major investment projects, Chinese companies in Serbia will invest up to $ 10 billion. They are already involved in the construction of motorways and new transport infrastructure, in steel production, in energy. In Zrenjanin, by 2021, they will build a new tire factory for nearly $ 1 billion. And in Belgrade, Alibaba wants to create a Serbian-Chinese industrial park, the largest in southern Europe. The big investment is also the construction of a high-speed railway between Belgrade and Budapest for 3.2 billion euros (Serbian-Chinese-Hungarian project), to be completed in 2023. The Chinese want to build a metro in Belgrade. This is also part of the One Belt, One Road initiative. According to a study by the European Investment Bank, between 2007 and 2017, Chinese companies invested 12 billion euros only in construction projects. One third of them invested in Serbia, 21% in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 7% in Montenegro. Croatia to the Serbian-Chinese relations are extremely jealous and sweat esile when the summit 16 + 1 in Dubrovnik with China signed seven new agreements. It is trying to catch up to the almost missed train. There is also a railway infrastructure that can bypass Croatia from both the Slovenian and Hungarian sides. Prime Minister Plenković was extremely happy when in the company of Chinese Prime Minister could boast that the Chinese side will help Croatia to reconstruct and modernize the railway line Zagreb-Rijeka, that it can be connected to the Silk Road (One Belt, One Road). In addition, the Chinese will modernize and build a port in Zadar and build a € 520 million Peljesac bridge by the end of 2021. Its construction is financed mainly by the European Union (357 million euros), but also by the Chinese.

If we look at the Chinese initiatives from Slovakia, we find that the country under the Tatras is at the tail not only under the 16 + 1 initiative, but also under the initiative - One Belt, One Road. He still can't decide whether to connect to the Silk Railroad or join the American side and politically boycott the project. Considering the great success of agreeing (certifying) the export of Slovak milk and dairy products to China is more than comic. For example, Hungarians, Serbs or Czechs have exported these products to China for a long time and do not consider this to be an extraordinary success. Slovak producers have only extended the international family of "dairy exporters". And in any case, it is already questionable whether they will be able to fulfil the "Slovak quota". Even in Croatia, the Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture enjoyed, but only politically and media. The chief of the Croatian dairy union soon announced that Croatian dairy farmers could not fulfil the "Croatian quota" because they could not produce as much milk as they could export. Welcome back to the European Union. Do you still remember the times when Brussels set production and sales quotas for farmers and producers?  But not in terms of increasing production and exports, but regulated attenuation. Slovakia and Croatia had to dampen livestock production because they could not produce as much milk as they could, but only as much as they were destined for from Brussels. And then not just milk and dairy products, but also beef.
Róbert Matejovič, editor-in-chief of Dimenzie

For the Health of Animals and our Country

“There is a lot what we have to be proud of.We want our clinics to be also a diagnostic center for Central Europe,”says Jana Mojžišová, a Rector of the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice.

Stone Bridge in Konjica

Photo report
"Tunnel of rescue"

A small museum of military history at the site of the famous underground tunnel from the period of the civil war in Bosnia is a popular attraction in Sarajevo.

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Will it pass or die?

The European Union also faces the geopolitics of the rule of evolutionary biology.

We were interested…
"Chinese Creditor Imperialism"

Building and developing the Silk Road in Asia is mainly to be blocked by India and Japan with the help of the US and Australia.

One Belt, One Road

"So far,124 countries and 29 international organizations have signed cooperation documents with China," says LIN Lin, Chinese Ambassador to Slovakia.

Opinion Poll
Brussels propaganda demands a strong and united response to the "growing ambitions" of Russia and China.How and in what way do Russia and China threaten a politically fragmented EU?

God Bless the Republic of Northern Macedonia!

The Russians are asking why the change of state name and the direction of Macedonians to NATO is legitimate when the referendum was not successful.

Slavic World
Slavism and Europe of the future

"People who present the subject in public are suspected of an action against the EU," says Miloš Zverina, an independent candidate for the MEP.

The Truth About Electric Shocks

Is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) a real treatment or is the barbaric act of doctors-psychiatrists against humanity?

Unification barriers (Part II)

The Catholic Church recognizes the utter inseparability of marriage even in the case of adultery.

The Most Beautiful Woman of the Middle Ages (Part II)

Eleonora of Aquitaine with hersecond husband Henry II.Plantagenet ruled the territory from Scotland to the Pyrenees.

He lives the lives of his heroes

“One has to learn to forgive.And abstain from hate revenge," says Fedor Bartko, a screenwriter, cinematographer and director.

Fulfilled Dreams
If there was no language barrier, all of Europe would have known Ivan Krajíček,” recalls a singer and theatre writer Zdeněk Sychra.

Books and Reviews
The Mirror of the Time

The book (un) annoyed reporter gives a comprehensive picture of the political scene of the communist era and developments after the November change of the regime in 1989.

Poetic Mood
Zufar Gimayev, a native of Uzbekistan, says there is no better teacher than nature. Its landscapes are soaked with sun and light.

Furious Fate of a "Flying" Finn

For Matti Nykänen, the world ski jumper, life was a raffle.He died as unexpectedly and quickly as he lived.

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