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Čaputová and her Faux Pas with State Decorations and Orders
The Leader in Information Technology
Trakošćan Castle
Dimenzie scores abroad
The EU will save the original model
Destructive Poisons of Liberalism
The Magic of Myslava Folklore
Matteo Salvini is facing lawsuit
Imperialism of Imagination (Part II)
Sabotage of religions continues


Čaputová and her Faux Pas with State Decorations and Orders

It has already become a "tradition" that the handing over of state awards on the occasion of the Slovak Republic's establishment is accompanied by a series of faux passes. This "unfortunate tradition" was introduced by President Andrej Kiska when, surely, thanks to his advisors, he regularly and systematically rewarded people (Fedor Gál, Martin Šimečka) who were in the first line of critics of independent Slovakia, they have never wanted it and accepted it for a long time or they will not accept it at all.
If someone thought that with the change in the presidential palace there would be a change in the key, or in the parameters according to which the laureates will be chosen, then he was very wrong. In addition to traditional names, which, although the wider public does not know, but in the field of science, education or other areas of life have achieved significant success, it is a regular practice that the last surviving resistance fighters are appreciated. This has happened now. Milada Horáková, a Czech anti-communist politician who was sentenced to death in communist monster trials, also received a slightly surprisingly high state award. There is no doubt that her award was influenced by the last- year- premiered- film on her life and the tragic death of Milada. It aroused relatively high interest and got Milada Horáková from the edge of awareness almost to its center. Milada Horáková had no significant link to Slovakia, but let's say she was a martyr of democracy and at that time we lived in a common Czech-Slovak state, so why not?
In the context of the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, it was directly expected that a representative of the then student movement would become a laureate. And really. In this case, the “card” fell on Zuzana Mistríková, one of the groups of student leaders of November 1989. From 1990 to 1992, she also served as a member of the Slovak National Council for the political party Verejnosť proti násiliu (Public Against Violence).
As a relatively little controversial, we can still regard the award of a surely talented photographer and reporter of the weekly Týždeň Andrej Bán. Hríb´s magazine called Týždeň is anything but an objective and impartial periodical. In the presidential campaign it supported Zuzana Čaputová, which in itself gives the impression of a clear conflict of interest. It was moderated only by the fact that the award was not given to the extremely controversial editor-in-chief of this periodical Štefan Hríb’s, but only to his moderate colleague. However, this is the end.
The award of Peter Zajac was senseless. Peter Zajac has always been on the front line of aggressive Czechoslovaks and unitarists. He furiously and desperately fought against the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic, refused it for a long time, and probably never even internally accepted it. His decoration by “Nationalist, Anti-Semite” Ľudovít Štúr's Order was mutually paradoxical. Paradoxically, even Igor Matovič, who called Peter Zajac the "corn revolutionary", did not like this decoration either because his Liebling Domovník B(udaj) or his fellow Milan Kňažko had not received such a state award yet. It is absurd that the Presidential Office has even proposed such an obscure personality to honour, but it is equally absurd that Peter Zajac accepted this decoration. This is called an acute loss of personal integrity - but he should never have had it. Then he had nothing to lose and everything is so clear.
Finally, let us take the greatest absurdity of the whole act of honouring "pseudo" personalities. The obvious winner in this farce is the award for František Mikloško - also by Ľudovít Štúr´s Order. František Mikloško is the “proud” holder of the Commemorative Medal of János Esterházy, a prominent Hungarian irredentist, a man who devoted his entire political life to an irredenta, revision of Trianon, and who merely ended up serving as a war criminal and convicted of war crimes. And thanks to Zuzana Čaputová, this person will have the János Esterházy Memorial Medal and the Order of Ľudovít Štúr at the same time. This is called the perfect farce. But, in the end, knowing the mental world of our President's advisers, it was probably likely to be expected. So, we will see what her squadron will prepare for next year.
Roman Michelko, political scientist (roman.michelko@gmail.com)

The Leader in Information Technology

“Technicom, University Science Park, is a showcase for innovation and technology transfer,” emphasizes Stanislav Kmeť, Rector of the Technical University of Košice.

Traditional Procession with the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

Trakošćan Castle

It offers a reincarnated 19th century romance and a perfect synthesis of nature and architecture.

Dimenzie scores abroad

European Award of Charter of F.E.S.T. - Antonio Conte is the fourth international award to recognize the contribution of the magazine to presentation and development of tourism.

The EU will save the original model

The political party Vlasť will never allow Slovakia to surrender sovereignty in favour of Brussels, the US and other states.

We were interested…
Destructive Poisons of Liberalism

They look at humans as consumers, they measure the value and quality of human life only by the rate of consumption.

The Magic of Myslava Folklore

It is preserved by Hrabina, an ensemble, which presents the authentic female costumes and sews historical costumes.

Opinion Poll
Matteo Salvini, allegedly, did not allow the Open Arms, a rescue ship, to enter Italian waters with 164 illegal migrants. He is facing lawsuit. What do you think about it?

Imperialism of Imagination (Part II)

The old continent is no longer a rich club. It is a theatre commemorating its rich history and its triangular economy.

Sabotage of religions continues

Every social sector that has been transformed in accordance with the specifications of psychiatry has gone bankrupt.

Confession from Prison (Story 2)
The story of a 30-year-old woman who committed a drug-related crime.

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Le Magnifique wants a farewell movie

Jean-Paul Belmond's natural acting style has always lacked competition and neither he has a successor at present.

The Greatest Battle in Slovakia (I.)

The battles of Dukla were full of blood and cruelty. The Soviets, the Czechs and the Slovaks suffered great losses.

He likes his nation

“The native country is like the mother's arms. Whoever rejects it, will never understand anything and will never be happy,” writes Jaroslav Rezník.

Books and Reviews
Slovakia will overcome ...

About Stefanik's tenacity and modest heroism.

Art in the Soul, Help in the Heart

Auction of Art Works for the Center for Children and Families in Sečovce - Anjelik.

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