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Dimenzie No.6/2020

Let's keep the truth about the "brown plague" holocaust
Leaders in Biomedical Engineering
"Mysterious castle in the Carpathians"
Do you know our human rights?
"Let's seize opportunities together"
The evil lurks at every corner
Rewriting US history
Russian impulses revived the cemetery
Poland, Hungary and Slovenia vetoed the adoption of a new EU budget and the so-called Renewal Fund

Let's keep the truth about the "brown plague" holocaust

On January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated all over the world. This date was not chosen by chance. On this day, during the bloody battles in 1945, the Soviet troops liberated the largest Nazi death camp Oświęcim, also known as the Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau, located in present-day Poland.

According to various estimates, one and a half to four million people were killed in the camp, 90 percent of whom were Jewish. Majdanek and Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec, together with Auschwitz, became the most famous places where the ruthless death machine created by Hitler's regime, which liquidated women and men, the elderly and children according to the principle of belonging to a certain nationality, stood out.

The Holocaust of Soviet Jews occurred on June 22, 1941, the day Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union. In 2021, 80 years will have passed since that tragic date. Most of the nearly three million Soviet Jews who found themselves in the occupied territories were murdered. At the beginning of 1942, almost all Jews in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, as well as in the occupied regions of Belarus, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation, were murdered or deported to the death camps by occupiers and local collaborators. More than 100,000 Jews were murdered in the Babie Jar area near Kiev.

The entire multinational Soviet people rose up in the fight against the fascist aggressor. From the first days of the outbreak of war, that fight became a Great Patriotic War for our people. Representatives of all nations and nationalities of the Soviet Union contributed to the victory. More than half a million Jews fought heroically in the troops of the Red Army, in partisan or underground organizations. Almost 200,000 of them died.

The victory over Nazism, which was achieved at a tremendous cost, saved humanity from terrible danger and the Jewish nation from complete destruction. Speaking in a video on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2019, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Today we commemorate the fallen as well as the heroes. The heroes who fought and sacrificed their lives to stop the Nazi monster ... We will never ... forget the role played by the Red Army, we will not forget the courageous actions of the heroes - we will not forget the Jews who fought in its ranks, the veterans. "

Today, the last people who survived all the horrors of the Holocaust, the last soldiers - liberators, are leaving us. The more distant the tragic events of World War II, the more difficult it is to convey to young people the extent of the Holocaust, the diabolical nature of the ideology of Nazism that gave birth to it. We must therefore do everything we can in order to preserve and pass on to current and future generations the truth about the most cruel and bloodiest war of the 20th century, about millions of people liquidated in gas chambers, death camps, ghettos, the truth about the Soviet army that not only stopped spreading "brown plague", but also saved the Jewish nation and many other nations of the planet. Fifteen years ago, based on the initiative of Russia, Israel, the United States, Canada and Australia, the UN General Assembly established International Holocaust Remembrance Day, saying: “The Holocaust, which wiped out one-third of the Jewish people and countless other minorities, will always serve as a warning to all people from the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice. "
Igor Borisovič Bratčikov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Slovak Republic

Leaders in Biomedical Engineering

"Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering will play an important role. About some time we will be able to replace the chronic trauma and damaged tissue, or organ," said Radovan Hudák, Vice-Rector for the International Relations and Mobility of the Technical University in Kosice.  

Elementary school “Bright pumpkin” in White Carniola 

Photo report
"Mysterious castle in the Carpathians"

Čachtice was made famous not only by Countess Elisabeth Báthory, but also by the Nádasdy and Zrínski families.    

No comment
Do you know our human rights?

If so, let us protect ourselves and our surroundings. 

"Let's seize opportunities together"

China has approved a 14th five-year economic and social plan.   

The evil lurks at every corner

"One lady wanted to see if I could drive the devil out of her. When she took the cross in her hands, it turned completely black,"says Jozef Adam, a Greek Catholic priest and exorcist.  

We were interested…
Rewriting US history

Trump's "Commission of 1776" and the radical right seek to review the American history and the "Project 1619."     

Report (Russian Dimenzie)
Russian impulses revived the cemetery

The ground from the Red Army necropolis of Michalovce was also symbolically placed in the foundations of the Main Temple of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. 

Opinion Poll
Poland, Hungary and Slovenia vetoed the adoption of a new EU budget and the so-called Renewal Fund. Slovakia did not support V-4 partners. How do you comment on that?   

Challenge for Ecological Conversion

Pope Francis offers the concept of integral ecology in the encyclical Laudato.

Covid-19 in the shadow of psychiatry

Who are the "experts" who imprison the people of Slovakia at home?

Living with alcohol

Stories of two young women and mothers who had been ordered by the court to treat alcohol addiction.

Darling of Hollywood

Gerard Butler's latest project is the catastrophic thriller Greenland: The Last Shelter.

Living Chronicle of the Imperial Army ( Part II )

Ladislav Škultéty Gábriš, a Slovak native, the longest serving hussar in the world, resting finally in Slovakia.  

He sets poems to music

"I like when the listeners smile during my playing and singing ," says Eva Golovková, the concert guitarist.   

Books and Reviews
Meetings with a Cruel Partner

Democracy cannot exist without considering alternatives.

The Beauty of Wire Jewellery

Lucia Čertíková shapes wires directly in the hands by using only small pliers. 

He thanks his instincts for his instinct

"I played my best matches when I played in front," recalls Jari Litmanen, a Finnish best attacking midfielder,of his golden age.



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