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Dimenzie No.2/2020

Slovakia is being destroyed not by the virus...
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Covid-19 will not defeat China
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Slovakia is being destroyed not by the virus, but by the corona- hysteria

A common sense and sound approach always involve examining the facts, gathering evidence and judging on their basis. This is how I proceeded in my judicial practice and I use the same approach to analyse the social situation.
In 2010, a Good Club was created, which was joined by the representatives of the so-called world elites like Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Warran Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and George Soros. One of the problems the club took to solve was the alleged overpopulation of the Earth. They had never hidden their views on this topic in the past. For example, Ted Turner said in 2008 that it would be ideal to reduce the world's population to two billion people. The elites also came up with a false theory of the alleged danger of carbon dioxide, which I have revealed in detail in the book Naša Vlasť (Our Homeland). Having made a speech at the TED X conference in 2010, Bill Gates mentioned a threat of 26 trillion tonnes of CO2 per year and said: "We need to make a drop to zero from rapid growth. CO2 = P (number of people) x S (amount of services) x E (energy per service) x C (amount of CO2 emitted per unit of energy). Let's look at the equation and consider how the result can be reduced to zero. Assumably, some of the values ​​will have to approach zero. First we have the number of  population. If we do really good work with new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we can reduce the population by 10 to 15 percent.”

I would like to point out that Bill Gates, a well-known proponent of global vaccination, wants to reduce the population by vaccination. Isn't the goal of vaccination be considered to be the opposite? At a conference hosted by the Massachusetts Health Society in December 2018, Bill Gates predicted a powerful pandemic virus from China that could kill 33 million people in six months. Let's see what a visionary! However, this is a socially destructive psychotechnics and is called prognostic programming in order to prepare people's subconscious for an event to happen, even if we consider it unrealistic until it happens. Some Hollywood movies are similarly focused. Also, the singer Madonna at the Eurovision in May 2019 in a performance that visually resembled the ritual of the Satanist Church, sang with a coronavirus crown on her head and killed the dancers in gas masks. The song Wake up was released on an album with a typewriter with the word Corona on the back! Another visionary!

Forecast programming continued with a simulation of a pandemic two months before the virus appeared at the event called Event 201 in October 2019, organized by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. They performed a crazy scenario of a coronavirus pandemic that would hit the Earth. In the simulation, they adopted extensive restriction measures, quantified economic losses and predicted more than 60 million human coronavirus victims. If we look at what is happening around the coronavirus, it is really a scenario assuming tens of millions of deaths.
Obviously, nowadays, we are playing what someone else wrote under completely different conditions. And we “swallowed the bait with a reel”, i.e. we have been taken in. I think that we should have proceeded in principle differently - to create our own procedure appropriate for Slovakia. In particular, not to intimidate but mobilize the population, to ban the spread of alarms, to update and objectify the situation thoroughly, not to violate religious freedoms, to avoid unnecessary economic losses and to consider whether the measures have been taken do no more harm to society than potential coronaviruses.

I can't say from the table what I would do in the government, but I would certainly not deceive the population and intimidate people. I would push for the mobilization of citizens for defense, because it is really a psycho-information war with a biological plot. Not only the Czech biologist, Soňa Peková, has spoken about the artificial origin of the coronavirus, but the fact is that the Gates Fund sponsors research at the Pirbright Institute with coronavirus. On July 23, 2015, this institute had a coronavirus patented for the production of vaccines against diseases such as "infectious pneumonia". When the institute was criticized, he claimed that it had been a different coronavirus. The advantage of an artificial virus is that it can be pre-developed with test kits and a vaccine, which are then used and monetized appropriately. Thus, if the virus is artificial, it may not be extremely dangerous, but it is practical for the pharmaceutical industry.

I feel that this is already a big business with a coronavirus. And another big business is coming up with a vaccine, like it was with a bird flu. The state was forced to buy vaccines, which were then thrown away and disposed. Scenarios with bird and swine flu did not work out for the elites. After all, the flu is just the flu… The name of the disease had to be changed. The coronavirus has established and is extremely intimidating to society. However, experts say that coronaviruses are a natural part of the body and we all carry them in us. And that this is not a new virus, but a new test. Something that had never been tested began to be tested in humans - the presence of coronaviruses. However, statistics provide overall assessments of morbidity and mortality. It should be noted that on average, 2,500 people died daily in Italy last year. Therefore, if we are frightened today by the information on the hundreds of deaths in the range of 500 to 800 people in Italy, these numbers must be placed in the framework of total statistical figures. According to statistics, for example, the current mortality rate in Italy is similar to the mortality rate in 2017 during an influenza epidemic. You can check the facts for yourself at www.euromomo.eu. In Germany, people have already launched petitions to bring life back to normal. We also must think wisely and act reasonably so as not to defeat ourselves in the psycho-information war.

The approach of the Pellegrini and Matovič governments in connection with the fight against the coronavirus has sucked life power from our citizens. The media in tandem with state officials acted to intimidate people. If the government decides to intimidate citizens, it treats them as an unreasonable child to be ordered and threatened to listen to and not think about and take their own steps. An attempt of an absolute directive subordination, we have not had this here yet. Consequence? People have fallen into mass-stress, panic and every doctor will tell you that the immune system fails under stress. Therefore, the government certainly did not help the health of citizens if it was really about human health. Widespread corona-hysteria massively, mentally and healthily wiped out especially old people - long weeks in solitude robbed of all the joys of life and power, having been feared of their bare lives. It is the highest degree of mental abuse, and no physical illness is as terrible as mental illness, much more in old age and without support in the Christian sacraments. You may say: And what should have been done, because the coronavirus had been threatening us, the threat of threats in history is unprecedented, unheard of? We certainly did not hesitate and accept without hesitation the new religion of worshiping the coronavirus above all other values. The Slovaks are a Christian nation, and suddenly the ungodly value system, the elevation of the body above the soul, is forcibly forced upon them by hand, and they are forbidden to celebrate Christ's Resurrection.

The mistake happened right at the beginning. Before taking any action in relation to the potential threat that first arose in China, then in Italy and put pressure on preventive measures, the prime minister, who would have been empathetic to Slovak citizens, should consult with a team of psychologists, sociologists, but also with representatives of religious groups before launching an avalanche of directives on citizens. They looked illogical, man got lost in them and became an externally manipulated unjust objects, unfree and beaten, isolated and panicked. The government should have mobilized people, encouraged them, not exaggerate risks, tell the truth, prevent panic. It should lead people to work together on a common cause for the benefits of the whole, at a wisely and logically set time and only for the necessary time. To make each of its citizens (whom it is supposed to serve, not to enslave) a small great hero who can win his individual, let´s say, two- to three-week struggle for all. But without sowing fear, without spreading panic, strictly holding the reins of the media, so as not to spew unilaterally distorted information of an irresistible threat to defenseless spectators and listeners. And also, reasonably consider restriction measures and alleviate tension by updating information. Why is the development not evaluated and the Slovak media do not report that the consequences of the spread of the virus are much milder than they were supposed to resemble a strong wave of influenza?

And this is not because we are in a psycho-information war, the tool of which is destructive information. Boris Ratnikov, Major General and former Deputy Chief of the FSB, warns us in terms of this tool in his book Dog Wars about the consequences: "A destructive change in the energy balance triggers the process of aging, disease, death." And Georgiy Rogozin, the deputy chief of the president's security service, points out in the same book: On this basis, mass psycho-correction is possible through telecommunication channels - television, radio, computer networks and also through print media. An insensitive visual-auditory semantic influence takes place through them. Such a psychic weapon can be successfully used to manipulate the consciousness of individuals and the great masses of people. Before you fully believe what television, radio or the Internet brings, first ask yourself: are you convinced that similar methodologies are not used in them? That they don't kill you from day to day? Perhaps we should critically analyse what television is convincing us to believe in. Be more critical of the beliefs we consider as "ours." These quotes from the pen of Russian top experts, who professionally deal with psychotechnics used as a weapon and a military tool, explain the wound that Slovakia suffered and has changed it so dramatically. Because what has started in our country is a psychological war against our own population.
Štefan Harabin, a former judge of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, a leader of the political party Vlasť

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