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Dimenzie No.3/2020

They are destroying the foundations of post-war Europe
Montenegrin Alcatraz
The Largest Lake in the Balkans
Minister Budaj has failed in the East
What kind of a vaccine does the European Union need to overcome the stagnation?
Will the President of the Judicial Council be “executed” as well?
Results of the "Deharabinization" of Justice
From Versailles to Munich (Part II)
Lie Detectors for Psychiatrists
Being unable to leave the hell of drugs

Let´s use positive impulses in the development of the relationships between China and the China

The 22nd meeting of the leaders of China and the European Union took place by videoconference. The video conference, chaired by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, was attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Charles Michel, President of the European Council and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

It was the first official meeting of Chinese leaders and new EU leaders, or the first summit between China and the EU since the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus. Chinese and European leaders have reached a broad consensus on the basis of a detailed exchange of information on current cooperation between China and the European Union in various areas and on major issues of common interest.

This meeting gave a clear direction for the further development of Chinese-European relations in the post-pandemic era. President Xi Jinping emphasized that China is a partner and not an opponent, that there is no fundamental conflict of interest between China and the EU. Cooperation is much bigger than competition and consensus goes beyond mutual differences. The two sides should respect each other and build their relations on a common basis while preserving natural differences, further strengthening mutual understanding and trust, expanding common interests in cooperation, solving complex development issues and building a more comprehensive strategic partnership with even greater global impact. We expect that the mutual development of relations will bring along a strong impetus to build more stable relations in the post-pandemic era and move mutual cooperation to a higher level.

The meeting also specified the relationship of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the EU. This year we commemorate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of mutual diplomatic relations. Cooperation has been their main bearer for 45 years. In 2019, the total trade in goods between China and the EU exceeded $ 680 billion, and the average trade volume per minute was approximately $ 1.3 million. This May 1,033 Chinese-European trains were dispatched, having transported 93,000 containers of goods, while the number of trains and shipments have reached the record levels in a single month, ensuring a stable and smooth supply chain with anti-epidemic material.

During the negotiations, the two sides agreed to deepen and strengthen cooperation in a number of areas. Firstly, in the area of ​​economic recovery and macroeconomic policy coordination. Together, they will maintain the stability of the Chinese-European and global industrial supply chain and provide impetus for the recovery of the world economy. The second objective is to extend the two-way opening of the market on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and respect, to strengthen interconnection and cooperation in trade, investment, environmental studies, digital technologies and other areas so as to achieve mutual benefits. The third goal is to conclude negotiations on an investment agreement between China and the EU later this year and to reach a comprehensive and balanced, high-level investment agreement. The fourth important goal is to support the early signing of the agreement on geographical indications between China and the EU and to speed up negotiations on a new cooperation plan in the field of scientific research and innovations. These results of cooperation will further enrich the connotation of Chinese-European relations and bring more benefits to businesses and people on both sides.

The Chinese-European discussion also highlighted the global importance of developing relations between China and the EU. In this context, President Xi Jinping emphasized the global importance of what China and the EU support as two major world powers, as two major world markets and as two major civilizations, what they disagree with and what they cooperate in. The total economic volume of China and the EU represents one third of the world. Therefore, China and the EU should work together to maintain global peace and stability, support the two main markets of global development and prosperity, promote multilateralism and improve global governance. Both sides have already reached a series of agreements on adherence of multilateralism and free trade, on progress in the reform of the World Trade Organization, on cooperation in regards to solving issues of climate changes, on fighting against the new coronavirus epidemic and on a tripartite cooperation with Africa. During the videoconference, both sides sent out positive signals aimed at fighting the epidemic together, seeking cooperation, promoting multilateralism and supporting the recovery of the world economy, which will certainly strengthen the confidence of the international community in its ability to meet challenges and cooperate in supporting economic recovery.

Pragmatic cooperation between China and Slovakia within the Chinese-European relations has proven its strength and resilience to deal with the risks and challenges caused by the epidemic of a new type of coronavirus, which create enormous opportunities. Slovakia is China's fourth largest trading partner in Central and Eastern Europe. The volume of trade between China and Slovakia, facing the challenge of the epidemic, increased by 11.8% in the first quarter of this year. Institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have recently predicted that the global economy and advanced economies will face declining overall performance in 2020. China is the only major world economy that can achieve positive growth.

China's economic growth will certainly provide new opportunities of cooperation and development dividends for European countries, including Slovakia. We expect the promising development of a mutually beneficial Chinese-Slovak cooperation. Slovakia is a member of the EU family and an important partner of China in the EU, Central and Eastern Europe. This creates promising preconditions that building a strategic, comprehensive and mutually beneficial relationship between China and the EU will further facilitate the traditionally friendly cooperation between China and Slovakia. I believe that we will be able to perceive this strong impulse for the development of relations between China and the EU and China and Slovakia. I wish all parties involved saw and used their opportunities being brought by the positive development of relations between China and the EU, and thus push a mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Slovakia to a new and higher level.
Sun Lijie, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Slovak Republic

They are destroying the foundations of post-war Europe

Meanness can be deliberate, hypocritical and pretty much intentional as in the situation when declarations commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II mention all participants in the Anti-Hitler coalition except for the Soviet Union, ” writes Russian President Vladimir Putin in his commentary.

Montenegrin Alcatraz

The ruins of the former Montenegrin prison are still a landmark of the island of Grmožur in Skadar Lake.

The Largest Lake in the Balkans
The National Park Skadar Lake attracts with its simple decision of life with stunning flora and fauna.

Minister Budaj has failed in the East

In the so-called the chemical triangle of death, he did not present any solutions, nevertheless, he managed to insult and falsely accuse not only local state authorities and institutions responsible for the environment, but also the businesspeople.

Opinion Poll
What kind of a vaccine does the European Union need to overcome the long-standing pandemic of its political, economic and cultural fragmentation and stagnation?

Will the President of the Judicial Council be “executed” as well?

"The ruling coalition has been failing to restore the confidence in the rule of law," said Juraj Sopoliga, the President of the Association of Judges of Slovakia.

Results of the "Deharabinization" of Justice
The moral, scandalous and professional destruction of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic continues even after the departure of Štefan Harabin from the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic.

We were interested…
From Versailles to Munich (Part II)

The Morgans and Rockefellers also financed the development of the Nazi military-industrial complex.

Lie Detectors for Psychiatrists

They are able to start wars, drop bombs and viruses, and then declare to the whole world that they will provide all those affected with help.

Being unable to leave the hell of drugs

From the stories of two women who have been serving their sentences for committing the crime of the theft of addictive substance.

Between Moscow and Constantinople (Part III)

The Polish-Lithuanian King Sigismund III, having been controlled by the Jesuits, supported the subordination of the West Russian Orthodox Church to the Pope through an ecclesiastical union.

Dominant Flatfoosie

"You have to show love to your actors all the time," says popular French actress and model Sophie Marceau.

The Legacy of King Louis XIV.

His military reforms took over all European monarchies.

The Last Flight of Hindenburg
The German airship was to become the queen of the sky, however, it ended up as tragically as the king of the seas - Titanic.

Inspired by Folk Songs and Ballads

"Slovak folk music could also have a modern world music / ethno style," thinks Zuzana Homolová, the singer.

Books and Reviews
American Fairy Tales

The clash of romantic dreams with business reality through the eyes of the stories of emigrants, expatriates, colonists and gold diggers.

Gallery of Equator Painted

The aim of the project is to bring together people of all nations and create 40,075 small pictures by different personalities.

He restored the Glory of Real

Lorenzo Sanz, the former president of Real Madrid belongs to the prominent victims of the coronavirus.

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