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What is it Dimenzie?

It is a Central European independent monthly about people, the world and society. Its main focus is centred on different personalities such as politicians, diplomats and managers from Slovakia and abroad. It deals with business, investing and investors, reveals taboo secrets, covers controversial topics and opinions, resulting in interesting articles, stories, reports interviews and reflections for the readers enjoyment. It supports humanism, ethics, culture, art and sport.


The magazine prefers attributes of serious journalism and ethics. It is oriented towards the more exclusive readers in Slovakia and abroad. All articles are published in Slovak and English. Its subscribers are living in Europe, USA and Canada.


The basic structure of Dimensions is:Personality, Photoreport, Interview(Diplomats), Report, Focus, Reflections, Investstory, Successful, European Union, Non-EU countries, Tourism, Charity, History, Art, Culture, Sport.


Do not stay on the surface. Come with us to the depths.
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