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Dimenzie No.1/2021

Who will win and secure the peace on Donbas?
The world of fine medicine
Square of freedom in Novi Sad
East Indian ship Amsterdam
Dimenzie are 20 years old
Do you know what human rights are?
“Let's write a new chapter together“
Opportunism in Slovak-Russian relations
The American crisis of legitimacy
How do you assess the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovič?

Who will win and secure the peace on Donbas?
In US foreign policy exactly what we expected from senile and compromised US President Joe Biden is happening. He has not even taken office properly yet and things have already begun to happen that have increased tensions in some regions of the world. The Americans launched a new "nuclear game" against Iran, bombings began again in Syria, Afghanistan and in Germany the withdrawal of American troops stopped. And in the Biden-Obama-Clinton style, verbal and diplomatic attacks on the Russian Federation have intensified more or less as standard. In parallel with the dishonest Western game around the "poor" Navalny whom Kremlin constantly wants to "poison", anti-Russian sanctions by the US and the EU have intensified.

At the same time near the demarcation line on the Ukrainian-Russian Donbas the army units began to be strengthened and assembled. The Ukrainian (offensive) under the supervision of the Americans, the Luhansk and Donetsk (defensive) under the supervision of Moscow. Will the Americans unleash a new war on Donbas in which Ukrainians and Russians, foreign mercenaries, drones and trained special forces will be driven again?

We do not yet know the answer to this question. However, Slovakia is in danger of being involved in this conflict at least as it was in the case of the bombing of the former "Little Yugoslavia" in spring 1999. The current clandestine movements of US troops through Slovakia opened its airspace for US and British bombers and provided its railway infrastructure to transport heavy military equipment further to Balkans.

We know that the bombing of infrastructure and military positions in Serbia was illegal and contrary to an international law. To this day neither the Americans nor the British have apologized to the Serbs for economic or war damage. The bombing resulted not only in the creation of a puppet state called the Republic of Kosovo but also in the military occupation of the part of Serbian territory and a construction of  large US military base in Kosovo and Metohija without the consent of the Yugoslav and Serbian government. This fact has been overlapped for more than 20 years by United Nations (UN) and EU diplomatic steps, which through various military and security missions (UNMIK, EULEX) also continue to de facto and de jure occupy the sovereign territory of the Republic of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija.

The so-called Kosovo Republic is still a protectorate of the UN and the EU it is still not a member of the UNO as it has not received the support and consent of Belgrade for such membership. Despite the proclaimed diplomatic efforts even after almost eight years Brussels and its negotiators failed to persuade the Kosovo Albanians to put into practice all points of the Brussels Agreement dated of April 2013 between the so-called The Republic of Kosovo and Serbia. Miroslav Lajčák is also unable to change this situation positively. The negotiations of the eternal negotiations are stuck in a dead end. In this context it is questionable whether President Biden will continue the trade and investment agreements that President Donald Trump signed with the Serbs in early September 2020 or whether it will put pressure on Belgrade to recognize the independence of the Republic of Kosovo.

All indications are that in the event of the future of the Minsk agreements we are witnessing of similar scenario. The eternally "offended" Ukrainians like the Kosovo Albanians are avoiding agreements enforcing various obstructions and relying on US (NATO) political and military pressure against Russia with the support of the EU, Russophobic media and politicians. The so-called The Republic of Kosovo and present-day Ukraine are to some extent united by "limited state sovereignty." The only difference is that the so-called The Republic of Kosovo has never been a sovereign and sovereign state. But Ukraine was more precisely a coup d'etat and the so-called February Bloody Maidan 2014.After the coup d'état, it became a political and economic puppet in the hands of the USA, the EU, the IMF and the World Bank as part of "derusization and integration into the EU", which keeps it financially alive through various loans and credits. And at the cost of domestic political chaos, corruption, drastic price increases, sale of state property arable land growing poverty and poverty.And of course,the armament of the army and private paramilitary or military groups.

This international curator which is supposed to help Ukraine on its way to the EU and possibly NATO has not only "cultivated" its business, political and oligarchic clans in Ukraine (including the Biden clan in the gas company Burisma holdings), but has caused that the autonomous and predominantly Russian Crimean Republic has become independent of Ukraine. And on the basis of a referendum, it joined the Russian Federation in the spring of 2014.

Its example and opposition to the new anti-Russian power in Kiev also resonated in Donbas. Unfortunately, it resonated with the military conflict that divided Donbas and fathered two self-proclaimed national republics on its territory - Donetsk and Luhansk. Although the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky  otherwise an  excellent actor and comedian promised peace for Donbas and a new agreement with the Russian Federation in almost two years in office he did not live up to his promise in the presidential election defeating the Oarcharch Poroshenko.

Ukraine has not yet transformed into a federal state has not adopted new Constitution and Kiev central authorities are not negotiating with an authorities of the self-proclaimed national republics about their economic autonomy or the "gradual reintegration" of their citizens under Ukrainian jurisdiction. On the contrary, hundreds of thousands of them have already obtained Russian citizenship and passports so that they can travel abroad and work in the Russian Federation as Kiev has blocked, for example, the payment of pensions and imposed economic blockades and sanctions on self-proclaimed republics.

When the so-called In the autumn of 1998 the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) launched combat operations against ethnic Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian police and soldiers who also defended the then Yugoslav-Albanian border and Washington listed the Albanian KLA as a terrorist organization. It later began to support its militarily, financially and politically. When the then Yugoslav (Serbian) army successfully eliminated KLA units and pushed them out of Kosovo into Albania US military planes bombed Serbian police and army units without UN consent and mandate.

If the war between the Ukrainian army and armies of the self - proclaimed republics breaks out again on Donbas who will win it? We can expect the Donetsk Republic and the Luhansk Republic to ask the Russian Federation for military assistance. And Moscow will help. How, then, will the UN Security Council react as these self-proclaimed republics are not internationally recognized? Ukraine will claim that wants back its territory and its citizens, that it has the right to military attack.As the Serbs once said something similar was said. And the Russians will claim to defend peace, ethnic Russians and local people. But what happens when the Ukrainian army is forced to surrender as part of Russia's response? And then it will be forced to sign, say a similar "technical agreement" on the withdrawal of troops and security forces from Donbas as the Serbs had to sign in Kumanovo?

Should such a situation arise then we can expect Russian military and police units to be deployed throughout the Donbas and Ukraine will definitely lose the economically very important Donbas as well. The Russians are unlikely to allow any NATO station in the area. How does Russophobic President Biden think about these topics? Does he want peace or a new war against Russia? To which side will Slovakia and Slovaks join?
Robert Matejovič, editor-in-chief (Translation: Otto Moravčík)

The world of fine medicine

“High-quality of Aloe Vera drinks, Vita Active vitamin cocktail, Colostrum and Cell Essence cell nutrition are effective hits in strengthening human immunity against the COVID-19 virus“,says Ľubica Macková, long-term business partner of the German concern LR Health & Beauty Systems.

Square of freedom in Novi Sad.

Photo report
East Indian ship Amsterdam

A replica of the famous Dutch cargo ship is the pride not only of  "Venice of the North" but also of the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam.

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Dimenzie are 20 years old

A retrospective look to the magazine and its topics through the eyes of the editors and readers.

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Do you know what human rights are?

The civic association Youth for Human Rights is offering a free human rights education program as a part of its pilot project.

“Let's write a new chapter together“
“China will liberalize its market and in mutual cooperation with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is promoting pragmatic approaches,“ writes SUN Lijie, the Chinese Ambassador to Slovakia, in his commentary.

Interview (Russian Dimensions)
Opportunism in Slovak-Russian relations

“The bearers of russophobia are the descendants of nations and their regimes which were defeated in the First and Second World Wars," says Andrej Janco, distinguished Slovak russophile.

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The American crisis of legitimacy

Although Joe Biden's presidential inauguration went peacefully it did not inspire and no one wanted to celebrate.

How do you assess the credibility of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovič? Do you think that he manages his function personally and professionally?

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“Our folk music can be promoted in the world even without percussion instruments“, emphasizes Miroslav Dudík, renowned violinist and head of the Slovak Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments.

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